30qt hobart mixing bowl...anything to help w/flour mess

I am using a Hobart model d-300 with a 30 qt metal mixing bowl and a spiral attachment. I have been looking for something to stop the flour from going everywhere, my kitchen is tiny and is open to my dining room. Its a real clean up if someone makes dough other than myself and they are not super careful. Are there any products to add to the bowl to block the flour and maybe also help pour the flour in?

how much are you mixing at a time (i.e. how much flour in a batch)

HI Moretti

Hobart makes a splash cover for mixer bowls.

Your local Hobart servoce can supply one.

George Mills

I am mixing between 20 to 30lbs.

I went to my local dealer and was told they only made the guard for the plastic bowl.

You have to contact Hobart service.
Part #438080 or 438079 depending on the model of 30 qt mixer.
George Mills

from experience you want to split your batches in half 12.5 lbs of flour in each batch you are putting to much of a load on the mixer and you will break the shaft. I had to replace 2 of them b4 the tech told me what was happening if you cut your batches down you wont have any waste on the floor

George is right; Hobart makes both covers and extension rings for their bowls. One of my customers opted to purchase a used Hobart D-340 bowl instead to avoid this very problem.

One other thing that wil help to reduce the flour problem is putting the water into the bowl first, then add the flour and the remainder of the dry ingredients. If you use active dry yeast (ADY) first hydrate it, then put it into the water followed by the flour and other dry ingredients, then begin mixing at low speed. With a splash guard/bowl extension, you should have little or no dusting problem. As soon as all of the flour is wet, you can add the oil, mix for one more minute at low speed, then finish mixing at medium speed. These are not super duty mixers, so take case so as not to over load the mixer.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor