33 % Food Cost

Do you guys include containers and paper products in your food cost?

What is a good percent with paper?

What is a good percent without?

Trying to get our menu together. Thank You for your help

I do include boxes/containers in my food cost ratios spreadsheet when determining pricing and margins. I even toss in a portion of the delivery cost (driver wages, etc.) to my spreadsheet for costing model to give me a stronger price recovery expectation there. I only add $0.10 USD to each item to get a rough average based on our general sales and delivery volume. It doesn’t cover all expenses, but will cover a piece of it. I add the cost of the little 3-part stick-on strip for each item as well . . . 5 cents each they cost me!

My Food Cost for
16" Pepperoni pie is 28.9% “Expanded Food Cost (ExFC)”
straight food only is 23.7%.

5.55 priced 10" pepperoni pie is 39.4% ExFC
straight food only is 21.9%

I have most of my prices to around 30% ‘expanded food cost’ to make sure I cover those other items. It is really illuminating how the lower priced items get KILLED when you look at containers and added costs of selling that item. That is why I do it the way I do it . . . to see the hidden ratios.

I do not include it on my COGS in my accounting. I have separate line item for boxes/containers/paper. I kow it is sort of confusing doing it that way, but I always get good, agressive pricing and ratios info this way, and I also can track the expenses for containers in my P&L and reports.

I may being doing it wrong, but when I see a 30.5% food cost, I know I am very solid, and covering my container costs nicely. Since 85% to 90% of my food goes out the door, and another 5% get to-go containers . . . I figure it is consistent enough to add to my pricing model.

[[My Food Cost for
16" Pepperoni pie is 28.9% “Expanded Food Cost (ExFC)”
straight food only is 23.7%. ]


How much do you sell your 16" pep for? I sell mine for $14.65 and it gives me a 15.36% food cost. We do not skeet our pizzzas. There should be 60 pep’s on our 16" pizza and nearly a pound of cheese, which brings my total straight food cost to $2.25 for the 16" pep.

Just curious

We sell our 16" 1 top currently for $11.65 plus tax. We have crept up gradually from price when we bought it of 9.25. We only put 40 pepperoni and 10 ounces cheese for straight cost of $2.78 USD.

We use 16/lb Hormel pepperoni @ 2.40/lb and cheese is 2.08/lb. The difference in cost is probably ther dough . . . our dough balls cost me $1.05 each. Yeah, no one needs to chide me to start making my own dough. Been down that road here a couple of times . . . and the equipment priorities aren’t lined up for me to buy the cooler space and mixer right now to go that route.

I AM reworking the menu pricing this week to raise prices for cheese pizza and each topping to meet expanding costs since last pricing. I’m going up to:

16" cheese 10.99 COGS 21.2% up from 10.00
per topping 1.75 COGS 24.7% up from 1.65
16" one topping 12.74 COGS 21.8% up from 11.65

Minimum wages costs will puch me up again next year, but we are in good shape for this year’s pricing increase. Gotta go slow, and 10% increase is pretty steep for our community.

where do you get your balls from???

Talk about personal question! Actually, I make mine as often as possible . . . I buy some good ones from USFoods. Roseli brand is really good and well received by the customers . . . . for $2.30/lb.

When I make them, cost is closer to $1.95/lb.

You make dough balls and it costs you $1.95/pound? I went back to check to make sure this was dough balls and not meatballs. How are you figuring costs?

YUP! I quoted meatballs. I get my Rich’s dough balls from USFoodservice. I am going to negtiate hard for a better price this fall since I am getting 90% of groceries from them. There are cheaper brands, I know, but I like the consistency and performance of these.

Don’t want to risk cheaper and lousier.

Hello Nick,hey try and see if you can get La Monica dough balls from Brooklyn NY the water there is what makes this the best product in the market.And there about .90 per 22oz ball.they use All Trumps flour also which is in my opinion the best tasting crust around.


Any good leads what vendors would stock these little frozen nuggests of goodness? I’ll check here a couple places.