3rd Party Delivery Service?

Anyone tried using a 3rd party delivery service like UberEats, Caviar, or Door Dash? If so, any feedback you could provide?

Read the PMQ article about Precinct Pizza doing it in FL along with his own delivery service. These services are big in my area so I’m going to make the plunge on a couple of them and only do them on the slower nights and lunch shifts like Mon-Thur all day and then Fri-Sun for lunch.

I have not used them… yet. But the major problem i see, and have heard from people (and employees) who have used those types of services is, you never know when the food is actually going to get delivered. Several times i have heard complaints that the food wasn’t even hot by the time they finally showed up.

With pizza, the public has just come to understand that we employee in house delivery drivers. So they expect the pizza to be there in a normal time (what ever that is for your area).

If you do it, you will want to educate your customers on the days you are not directly providing the delivery service. And on those days you will not be directly responsible for the time it takes to get the order delivered. Now of course this will all depend on the employees of the 3rd party company you use, BUT you should expect problems to come up from time to time. You will want to a policy in place before hand on how to deal with anything that comes up.

We’ve started using UberEATS. So far so good. We’re adding about 10% volume a night and that’s with us turning on and off regularly to match our dead times. Likely to start turning on when we get in for the day to begin prep work. No front of house needed and if the guys are in already may as well sell pizzas.

The fear of outsourcing is somewhat mitigated by location I believe. Like Grinders we’re in a major urban area and the customers that use third party delivery services are accustomed to the platform. My hypothesis is that (for the most part barring the crazy general public factor) they are sophisticated enough to direct any issues they have towards the service not the restaurant. Having said that I’m sure we’ll get our share of unreasonable yelling.


Good to hear, thanks. By 10% increase in volume, is that before or after you take out their percentage? And what hours are you using them?

Uber eats in the Philadelphia region wants 30%. No way I can agree to that

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There’s so many now, I can’t keep track of them. Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of phone orders from Doordash, caller ID comes up as doordash. A guy picks up a couple different orders at the same time. Also, Postmates (I think) has a guy that comes in and places the order there and waits. I have no idea how they really work, but I know I don’t pay them anything.

I talked them down from 30 to 27.5 and now down to 25%. Tell them you have their competitor at 25 and you’re seeing if they can match it. Did the same with eat 24. Gotta play the game.

I’m thinking about doing door dash. With minimum wage working it’s way up to 15 in our state it’s an easy way to have access to drivers without having them on your payroll. Door dash is the only delivery service in our city and they don’t charge a percentage so I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately.

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Door Dash is yuge down in your area. At least try them for a month and see how it goes. No contract involved when I spoke to them.

I’m also trying to get my POS company to start partnering with a startup in Chicago called Chowly. They integrate most 3rd party delivery orders directly into your POS system for a small fee. I did the math and it’d save me almost $40k/year and that’s if my business doesn’t grow at all going forward.

Yeah I think I’m gonna try it out. Also I’m going to see if I can work out an agreement with them to use our online ordering system instead of them calling in the order something to think about if you decide to use them. I don’t want to be bothered by their calls also if there is a mistake it will be on them and not me.

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I know Speedline has integrated Chowly recently

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You got me thinking about this. If you already have online ordering, why not just have them log into your website instead of calling. It would save them labor and time, and mistakes would be near zero.


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