3rd party doing online ordering

Without our knowledge!!!
I would not mind this except that they are charging my customers a higher delivery fee and a service charge that together equals 3X our delivery fee!!!
A woman called today to verify her online order went through because she did not get a confirmation. I told her we were old school and did not have online ordering or even a computerized POS system which could accept online ordering. She insisted that she had placed an order online today and it was delivered promptly and the food was great. She placed another order but did not receive a confirmation email. While I was on the phone with her, another line rang, caller ID popped and it was her name and number. The guy claimed his name was Wendy (customers name) and then was really hesitant to answer when I asked him what company he worked for.
Now I understand why sometimes when I deliver a customer complains about our high delivery fees when I have the lowest delivery fee in the area.

That is unreal! So crazy, did you get anymore info on the guy or company?

it is called bringmethat dot com. My big concerns are

  1. they are taking customer card info, if some inappropriate charges show the customer may blame us.
  2. The site is paying with a different card # so when the customer signs they are not signing their card, also how does the third party deal with tips since when I add the tip at the end of the day it goes on his card.
  3. It took ten minutes for the guy to place the order after she ordered online. How long is the delay on busy nights, especially when our phones are tied up and he can not get through.

I blasted over mine and several local Facebook pages about the situation to inform people that we are not affiliated with this company. They have a link to be removed from their system, I am going to do that, coincidentally I am having breakfast in the morning with a couple of lawyers and I am going to ask them if I should do anything else.

My first thought would be to call your local police deptartment. They are misrepresenting themselves and taking CC info, which could quite easily and quickly turn into identify theft.

Edit: Just looked at there TOS
BringMeThat’s mission is to let customers order from every delivery restaurant in the U.S. In order to do so we plan to help get all restaurants online by showing them the convenience of online ordering and provide a comprehensive and easy way for customers to order. Since we’re just getting started, we don’t yet have a direct relationship with some of our listed restaurants. To make sure our customers can still order online, we personally phone in the orders and pay with our company credit for security reasons so that no one ever sees your credit card. - See more at: http://www.bringmethat.com/faq#sthash.pfoefXy0.dpuf

I would still file a complaint. Seriously how many people would bother to dig into there TOS to find this out.

And i just found my store listed… incorrectly also i might add. There is a way to request they remove you from the website. I believe that as much as i believe the sun is blue.

This is bs I would definately call the police and get a lawyer involved if you can afford to do so. These people can potentially harm your business without you even knowing it! Very unethical for this company to do what they are doing. I would let all your customers know about this maybe in a box topper or even over the phone. I would think that at the very least this is credit card fraud unknowingly signing someone else’s credit card what if these people do a chargeback then you are SOL! Its crazy how these people are everywhere!!!

Today they removed me from their website at my request and sent me a long email describing what they perceived as the benefits of their system. They left out the biggest benefit which is they clear about three dollars for making a 30 second phone call.

Total BS. On Craiglist help wanted there are multiple companies looking for delivery drivers, claiming earning 25 an hour. They post constantly, so if I put an ad for help up it just gets lost in those ads. I’m thinking, who’s going to be making all this food to deliver if you can make double the money delivering it? How much do they charge for delivery? I’m sure they’ve done their due diligence and it is legal, but if I found out a 3rd party was delivering my pizza, I’d refuse to sell it to them at the very least. We have no delivery right now.

We were actually doing the deliveries. All they were doing was taking the order via their website and then calling the order into the shop pretending to be the customers. They even spoofed caller id to show customers name and number. Way too many things that could go wrong and no way to minimize or control risk so I don’t want to deal with it.

There are apps out there that do this enter any phone # you want and that is what will show up on caller id. This just seems way illegal to me. Why is it that other online order sites need your permission to do this yet these people place an order like they are the customer and then the customer signs the cc receipt that doesnt belong to them this is just way too much liability. I say invest in mobile swipers that way these people can no longer give you their cc info over the phone. I bet this will put a hamper in their plan especially if customer has already paid with their cc on this bs website. I will be picking up some myself especially now with these new chip cards and the shift in liability.

Unfortunately in the US, they made sure it was legal to do this. It is illegal to spoof the phone system special id that they use for billing tho, BUT the caller ID system can not read that.

At least where I live you must have a license to sell food products to the public. Since they are buying and re-selling I wonder where they stand with this.

I bet since they actually are not making or delivering the product, they get out of that. They are merely acting as a middle man. Closest thing would be the hearing impaired centers that make the actual voice call, they do just about the same thing.

But since they take payment, i bet an attorney could have fun with them.

Saw this today: http://www.restaurantbusinessonline.com/news/n-out-sues-doordash-unauthorized-deliveries

Holy crap!
I just looked them up, and they have our local domino’s listed, plus a chinese buffet restaurant that delivers to local buz’s only,
so I built a pizza on the scammer site, then I went to the dominoes site and built an identical pizza and saw a +$12.00 difference in pricing through bringmethat, so almost double the price.
Thankfully I am not listed on that site (yet)
I see this place being in a highly actionable position by pulling this stunt.
Yet at the same time, it’s a clever scam and I got to compliment them on their ingenuity albeit a scamming idea
Now my question is how did they get that particular customers name to appear on your caller-ID? There has got to be some FCC , or privacy laws being broken by doing that.

This has actually been legal in the US since, well since the invention of the Caller ID system. Sadly the telemarketers got it written into law as soon as they could. It has benefits for regular people and business, but it has been completely abused by stuff like this.