3rd party natural gas

Does anyone buy their natural gas through a 3rd party supplier? It seems as though it is cheaper, but probably too good to be true. I need to switch asap, propane bill was 2k last month. Anything to look for?

just switched from Yankee Gas now called Eversource to a company called Santa Buckley…waiting for my first bill but when I crunched the numbers it made sense to write a 2nd check every month for the savings

What are you paying for propane?
There are games that propane companies play and you have to be vigilant with regards to monitoring the pricing. For example, I paid $1.64/gallon in California this week for my last residential fill with Ferrellgas and my neighbor is paying $3.19/gallon with Amerigas and she uses more propane per year! Why doesn’t she switch? Because she’s on psyche disability and is too afraid to change suppliers. Propane companies are notorious for price creep.
In my area Ferrellgas is the straight shooter, I get a price over spot with no other fees-such as environmental, fuel, etc.

I pay over spot as well, I’d have to look up price. No hidden fees and I use ferrel Gas.

Are you guys talking Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) or Natural Gas ?
I was not aware of being able to get LNG delivered by truck and into a tank?

We are talking LPG but his LPG gas bill is high and he’s considering switching to LNG or compressed natural gas(CNG). I assume there are no natural gas utility lines close enough to connect.
LNG needs to be stored around -270 F and requires special handling so I doubt he could have it delivered in that form to his store. I’m not sure about compressed natural gas but it would be a massive tank based upon his daily BTU needs. By the way, propane is made from natural gas. Since propane is a 3 carbon molecule versus a 1 carbon molecule(NG), it can be stored in the liquid state at room temp under around 100PSI of pressure.
When I looked at fuel cost of the two fuels a few years ago, it was approximately 1/2 the cost to run a kitchen with grid supplied natural gas versus propane in my area.
Based upon a $2,000/month bill it sounds like rg is using around 1500 gallons per month or 50 gallons of propane per day. That seems high.
What kind of ovens and other equipment are you using rg? If you have a double conveyor oven, do you turn the extra ovens on only during the push? Are the air loss prevention shields at the end of the entrance and exit of the conveyors as tight as they can be given the product your cooking.

Ouch on usage and cost!

We use a rotoflex oven, a fryer, and a Vulcan range and that’s it.

How do you heat your store and what kind of water heater do you use?

probably the Rotoflex…just switched to Edge so waiting to see my savings but I can tell it’s going to be substantial

We do not have propane in our store… but did have at the house we lived in before this one. One key to dealing with the propane suppliers is to OWN YOUR OWN TANK. If you use the company tank, you will buy the company product whatever they charge. Once you have your own tank, you price shop every time you fill up if you want to.

@pizza99 did/do you work in the propane industry or so? You’re very knowledgable!