3rd Party Online Order Companies

Ok so I have been using MyPizza/Slice for the past year not real happy with their pricing and their tactic of putting my ph# on the front page but then when the customer went into the order portal there was a diff # so if they got frustrated with the site they could call it, well that # was forwarded to my store they would record MY employee take the order and still charge me the $1.95 trans fee, got that fixed but they have taken over my Google Search site and won’t release it they somehow got ahold of my facebook page and put an “order Here” button but I got that removed.

Looking at Menufly, the customer pays the 1.25 fee upto $20 then I will pay it

What are your experiences with any 3rd parties or if you have any comments on these 2

Thanks Dennis

also tried to cancel with Slice and the girl just rambles on & on about what they do for my Business but she won’t listen to the fact that my town is only 4,000

Dennis, do you have your own website? If so, see if Mailshark still provides online ordering. I know some of the locations in the company I’m with used to use them before getting integrated online ordering with our POS company. I don’t see any info on their website on it but check with them. It was very reasonably priced and very reliable, You would just put a button/link on your website and it would bring up their ordering screen.

Thanks Paul will get with Tom this afternoon


Do you have a pos? If not,
Point of success has a reasonably priced pos system that has integrated olo

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might need to re visit Point of Success


I can’t imagine not having a pos system.
Biggest difference is efficiency & less labor .
Things going uncharged , math errors , the list goes on.

My sales jumped $1000 overnight after pos install.

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we have a POS from Summitcn.com very affordable

How did your sales jump 1000.00.
My son wants nothing to do with pos.

  1. mathematical errors.
  2. order taking process went from 40-60 seconds to 20-30 seconds (more phone calls)
  3. I added a 3rd phone line .
  4. running a credit card took way longer manually vs pos integrated credit card processing

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the only reason someone would not want a POS is to not be able to show accurate sales info for some reason or another

For those who use Slice, how many orders are you getting weekly?

Hi Dennis,

Sorry to hear about your poor experience with Slice, that is never our intention and we take all feedback very seriously.

Slice works with over 6,000 local pizzerias, and we’re here to help you grow your business. We want to provide the best support possible. If you’re willing, please reach out to me at samantha.taube@slicelife.com. I’d love to hear your honest feedback and see if there’s anything I can do to make it right.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


We’ve got a Clover POS. reasonably priced, user friendly. Can get online used equipment rather cheap. Very fast ordering and processing credit cards. Your sales will increase and your time screwing around with money at the end of the night will decrease a ton. At least it did for us.

Sparrowspizza- I am so sorry to hear about your negative experience. Again, that is truly not what we want for restaurants that partner with us. I completely understand your frustration here and have asked our Account Management team to reach out to you as soon as possible. Once again, I truly apologize for your experience.


Haha, glad it’s not just me! I get 5-6 a week! I like Slice and wish them well. Maybe they do better on the east coast? IDK.

slice could someone contact me on how I can remove slicelife.com from my google listing. you guys are like roaches, I can’t get rid of you.

Do you not have access to your google page?

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I do have access to my google page. And I have gone through it completely and cannot figure out how to get slicelife.com off. Customer after customer walks in saying I need to fix my online ordering. These are sneaky people. They promised they would not compete with my website and big holler, but they LIED. They told me they would bring me in new orders, but the only orders they brought in were the few areas that I went out and door-hanged, coincidence? I don’t think so. I gave them a week. Everyday I would go into my google page and change my website back to sparrowspizza.com and they would go in and change it back to slicelife.com. These people are like the little fish that swim beside the sharks mouth stealing all the scrapes. I should have listen to Fatboy.