3rd Party Online Order Companies

Have you tried getting in touch with google about it as well? Sounds like their are dual “owners” to your page. Google may be able to verify you at your business location to approve the request to removing their account access

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Thanks Steve, I appreciate your help. There were dual owners to my google account. I made Slice a dual rep. I thought it was going to get more orders then me alone. I fired slice 10 days ago. But I guess a rouge, internet savvy employee thought they would take one last stab at me and put up: Order: slicelife.com. I figured out have to delete them as page reps, but I cannot figure out how to get Order: slicelife.com off my page. I have contacted Google, I think. It would be easier to contact someone on the moon. Maybe Google will get back to me, and help me out or I will get one of my nieces or nephews to help me out, but if you have your own online ordering DO NOT GET SLICE!!!

I hope you get rid of the bastards real soon. They sound as bad as Yelp!

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HAHA thanks man

I’ve been getting calls weekly trying to get me to join slice. It seems like a pain for my staff if the order is incomplete.

Sparrowspizza. You have to close the account with them and then it will be removed from your Google listing

Your best bet is to have the online ordering in your own website. If you use a POS, depending on which one you might be able to integrate it using an API. A lot of them won’t allow outside access to their API’s, but there’s a few ones that will let you.

Right. There is no perfect/easy solution. Otherwise the multi-billion dollar online ordering companies would have POS integration by now.

POS integration is the holy grail of online ordering that doesn’t have a perfect (smooth/cheap) option.


  1. You can choose a POS that has an online option you like, which doesn’t seem to exist when you consider costs, features and so on.

  2. You can choose to find an online ordering platform that ties into some POS systems. Which sounds all well and good until you actually begin to understand what’s happening. These 3rd party online ordering solutions will interface with some POS systems. Either by: A. Paying a very substantial fee to gain access to those POS APIs and passing those costs on to you the restaurants. Or B, behind the scenes use another 3rd party company that only concentrates on building interfaces with select POS systems. Then the online ordering companies can use the 3rd party interface service (usually for a monthly fee of around $50 or so per restaurant location). You’ll notice many of the online ordering solutions will list the same POS systems they can integrate with (Aloha, InfoGenesis, micros, positouch…). Because they’re all using the same (or similar) 3rd party interface services. We (eMenuExpress) are no different, and will do the same if requested. However you are then limited to what features are supported by the particular POS you’re interfacing with. Which can then limit the types of features your online menu offers. Because you’re effectively using a backroom POS data structure that was never designed with the intention of being a customer-facing, online ordering solution. Setup will also then involve installing that 3rd party interface on your backroom server and opening up your network traffic for communication. Not to mention the added fees that get passed along for using the 3rd party interface service and custom setup.

  3. A third option, which most restaurants usually end up with after the realization it’s just too much of a pain, or too expensive, is to just use the 3rd party options like us, or the big services. And then enter the orders into the POS manually just like called-in orders.

  4. The 4th option of building your own is just unrealistic in most cases. Unless you’re a decent sized chain that can spend hundreds of thousands (likely annually) on development, upgrades and maintenance.

Yet another post about putting down all other options besides the ones that involve your company, bravo [emoji1319]

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I listed the options that are available. While trying to inform some about the challenges involved. Are you saying I’m incorrect in my summation?

Btw, technically I put down all the options when it comes to POS integration. Including the ones that involve my company. Because as I mentioned, there are no perfect solutions.

When your “third option” is presented in this way, you’re implying that your option is in fact the best for the multitude of cons you presented in the other 3 options.

Manually entering in an order defeats 90% of having online orders to begin with. So yes, your carefully crafted “summation” I would disagree with since it leads the reader to believe your option is best because there are no cons attached to your 3rd option, when really, manually entry is probably the biggest con of all.

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Sorry for any confusion, but I did try to list some advantages and disadvantages of all options. Anyone who has spent any time on this forum knows manual entry of orders is looked down upon. So mentioning that, imo, is listing a big con.

It seems you’re just looking to knock anyone associated with a company or solution you don’t agree with. Can’t blame ya, as I’m sure this place is bombarded with marketing, but it wasn’t my intention to suggest the 3rd option had no cons.

I’m actually hoping to get feedback to potentially figure better solutions.

Again, when it comes to a seamless, simple, feature rich, cost effective solution with 100% POS integration… a solution simply does not exist.

Including my company’s best attempts as well.

Bullsh!t. All I’m saying is if you wanna solicit your option, do it without knocking the others. No one wants to deal with a company that’s main talking point is putting down the other options

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We’ll have to agree to disagree. Going back to when I first joined this forum, many said manual order entry was a big con. So that drawback is very apparent with my 3rd option.

We also do POS integration, but again that also has its major cons, as I listed. Every option has its advantages/disadvantages.

I’ve found most would certainly like POS integration but it’s not “90%” of the reason for online ordering. Just a (very) nice to have. Notice I said “most”. Yes, I’m well aware some need to have that integration.

Which is why we’re always looking for new ideas.

Have a nice day, Mike

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Thanks. You as well. And thanks for the feedback.

I look forward to reading your opinions on the online ordering and POS integration issue in the future. It seems you have some strong beliefs and ideas on the matter. Even if we disagree on a topic, I think the conversations are always helpful and productive.

awww man its over already?!?!? i just finished popping my popcorn!


[emoji849] just wasn’t getting it. All he had to do was present it as a "hey, our company is capable of doing x, y, and z. Contact me if you’re interested. Nope, put down the other “options” and then tear them apart, leaving the most logical one to a newbie being their own. Just don’t care much for that style of solicitation.

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Ha… I’m trying not to reply…

Ok, enough trying.

The main point of my original comment wasn’t solicitation. But hey, why not mention the service?

It was to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the main options from the service perspective. And hopefully spark a conversation with input from many.

Btw, your site is nice. I’m not too familiar with the service you use, but it seems pretty good.