3rd Party Online Ordering Hosting

I’m finally putting my web plan on the design table and plan to implement the site in 2 months. I am going to set up online ordering just for the plain fact no other pizza shops offer the service here in my Canadian resort town. I don’t forecast huge results as in an online customer base but I will attract the techies in town and build stronger creditability and trust from my customers and local hotels, property managers etc…

So to keep costs down i’m going to use a 3rd party hosting service for the online ordering part of the site, does anyone know of any good ones with a good system for pizza type menus etc? I am a designer and will do the layout and images myself and i can do the online building of the menu as well if the software is user friendly. I also use Point of Success as my POS so when they eventuially get online ordering capabilties i will make the switch so this 3rd party hosting is a temporary solution.

Many thanks…

Here’s a link to someone on the think tank who offered to set up online ordering for free for any of us. I don’t know anything about him so I cant reccomend him but it’s a starting point. http://www.pmq.com/tt/viewtopic.php?top … 224&t=6457

The other thing is that at the pizza show in vegas there will be 10-15 companies that offer online ordering. There’s a reason to write a company check for a vegas vacation!

Thanks for the info, when is that show BTW? i’m going to be in Vegas foir a wedding in Mid Febuary

The Vegas Show is March 10-12.

Hi Resort Pizza;

I agree with Paul7979, the Pizza Expo is well known for the online ordering options.

In case you want to have a head start I had some info / list on my blog last month:
http://rejuvenateyourrestaurant.com/blo … estaurant/

Also, here is where I keep my reference links for various online ordering options:
http://delicious.com/restaurantmarketin … neordering

Fishbowl.com might stand out. Also I have seen brygid.com in the markets.

Let me know what you decide. I can update my links and notes.

Best of luck (and in Vegas) :slight_smile:


I am also going to implement online ordering very soon and I did alot of research and came up with two choices:
The best and most thorough: Take Out Tech
The simplest and cheap one: One click dinning
Hope this helps, just google them.