4 day operation- evenings

Does anyone run a shop with non-traditional hours like Thurs, Fri, Sat Sun evenings only? Or does anyone run out of a non-traditional location that does not have visability?

NO we are open 7 days a week but open at 4pm.
Not sure why you would want a store with no visability??? Are you talking like a park location or some sports venue but being in the back?
One of the other restaurants in town here is closed sun-tue but even she is on the main street and been in town for a couple decades.
It would be hard unless some event area to run only those days especially with no visibilty! How many shops are in the area what is the possible customer base (household census) there?

Ran a shop in a business district several years ago that had no weekends or evenings . . .

I think under the right circumstances a location with no visibility could work but you had better have a tried and true marketing plan in order. Not sure I would want to do it as a first or only location as the reasons are far fewer that can make it work.

Not sure how to comment further without knowing what your “non-traditional” location means exactly . . .

Pizza delco business is a delivery business so why pay the higher rent of a strip center location? I can see the benefit of staying in the publics mind by seeing your stor every day but does that really make up for increase in rent. By non traditional I was meaning not in a visable strip center but in a warehouse or industrial location that can be zoned for a commercial kitchen. Open evenings only and closed on mon, tues and maybe wed. Being in an unusual location might be a marketing ploy in itself.

One other note, in the recent QSR there was an article in the Ones to Watch section about Catfish One that started out being open one day a week for only two hours on Friday night, serving fried catfish take out only. He got up to 400 meals in that 2 hours period. It adds a novelty when people have a restricted access.

I have been involved in 2 shops that were low rent out of the way places…We had pickup customers but they were less than 15% of our sales…And it worked…

We are open only Thursday thru Monday. Closed Tuesday & Wednesday. Hours 5 PM till 2 AM. Located visibily in the downtown area. Open Monday mainly for Monday Night Football. We used Tuesday & Wednesday if needed for private parties. Good pizza & drinks! Works great for us.

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