4 types of pizzas, best oven for all of them?

Good evening Mr. Lehman.

My name is Eduardo González, I am the owner of a small local restaurant chain in Monterrey, Mexico.

We have two different concepts:

  • Muncher House (comfort food and drinks)
  • Yulia (casual pizza and drinks)
    If you have a some time you can watch us in Facebook and Instagram.

I am also the restaurants Chef, and for the last months I have been researching and making trials of different doughs to achieve 4 styles of pizzas:

  • New York
  • Chicago Thin Crust
  • Detroit Deep Dish
  • “Veggie” made from vegetables…

We are 5 months apart of opening our second Yulia, and for it I will like to have one single oven in which we can achieve different goals, the principle one is to let people watch the cooking process.

I have been researching for many brands and reading a lot about the pros and cons of Heart Stone, Deck and Conveyor Ovens.

I am about to decide in buying a Marsal and Sons Deck Oven or a Wood Stone Fire Deck 8645.

What do you think? Is it possible to bake this pizzas in one single oven, all of them will be in the 480-550 F range.

Which will you best recommend? Or is there any better oven combination your will recommend?

We are not that big, this restaurant will have a 200 pizzas demand per day, no delivery service at the beginning.

Hope to know soon from you and thanks a lot for your time.

In our many years of experience, especially deck ovens, nothing compares to Marsal.