4th of July, Open or Closed

West Coast, Orange County. We have restaurants that serve breakfast and lunch. We have pizza locations that just do pizza. July 4th on Sunday this year. It also seems that a lot of people are going on vacations right now. School is out, Covid is done and people itching to go somewhere. 4th of July not the event it used to be. Many communities do not allow fireworks. Smart in my opinion. There are more careless and non-thinking people out there now who are either dangerous or thoughtless/clueless. So now we have high school facilities and other similar venues putting on big shows. I suspect not much pm business. I would think there will be a reasonable amount of a.m. business because it is Sunday and because the nature of 4th of July is a pm event. We are thinking breakfast and maybe a little lunch and then its over so leaning towards closing pm July 4th. Good for employees and their families. Good for management and their families. Who knows, maybe some will reflect on the history of our country and maybe talk about the price our forefathers paid for us.

We started closing the 4th 8 years ago. The whole weekend will be slow. Since you just got pizza cloud recently, I’d close and check the next day to see how many calls you missed on. That should give you info on if you should be open next year for it. In my experience, the calls continually go down each year your closed, and your day before/day after will start to increase as customers get used to it

Thank you for your comments.
I have been on the fence about this. Going to close the pizza part and keep one of the others open in Villa Park. Small community, parade with kids and most of them show up at our restaurant and we are done by 1pm.
Some of my Marie Callender’s were in your area. Did you ever go to Betsy Ross (ice cream)?.
I bought that company along with the manufacturing plant in Pomona. Fun times.

I’m not affiliated with pizza pirates at all haha

We are closing the 3, 4, 5. Always been closed on the 4th decided this year with it being on a Sunday that we would close the weekend and Monday also.

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Going to be closed 4th and 5th

Closed the 4th. Inland Orange County, only window I saw was 5-7:30. Daytime everyone bbq’ing or at pool, park, beach. Pm done by 7:30 so they could get where they were going to watch fireworks so not worth the 2 hours of biz. Now down in the Harbor, yes busy all day.

Orange County that movie ruled!

We closed on the 4th, but the 5th? Was like Friday numbers for us.

Agree, not Friday but a very busy Thursday. Didn’t see that coming