5 Day Business week ?

[b] I Have a Resturant in a Resort * Residential * Industrial Area :
It seems that Sundays are not a day of Business ! So therefore I am Closed on Sundays & Mondays ( All Pizza Shops are Closed on Monday around here in the Poconos ) Also the People around here Get out of Bed about 3 to 4 pm on Sunday , Especially after Labor Day ! ) Also due to the fact that my Rest. is in a Resort area it seems that the Bulk of my Business is from the : Doctors,Lawyers,FeDex,Machanics, Beauty shops & the Huge Schools up the road Teachers & Bus Drivers .
A week Monday to Friday ?

    • Does it sound like a five Day week would work ? ( If this Sounds Intresting to Anyone ( I am located in a SHOPPING plaza with a low rent & long lease ) & will sell ! ) Want to re-locate in FLA.

Please Contact Me : lawizardpa@yahoo.com

Need Input !
Thanks [/b]

Maybe when you add pizza that will pick things up a bit for you. It would be much better if your business could run seven days a week since you for sure are paying rent seven days a week. Good luck!


Thank you ! for your Reply ! The thing that I have going is that my Rent including tax is Only $ 605.00 a month ( Less than a Days Sales ) ! And in another 6 years ( with my Lease ) Rent will not even reach $ 850.00 .Do I need to work that hard ? :lol:

Thank You . lawizardpa[/b]

That is a great deal on rent! I am building my new place from the ground up and I am also building 3,000 square feet to lease. The going rate in our area is $25 a foot plus about $4-$5 dollars a foot triple net!!! I am really having a tough time deciding what to charge, I wish I could charge as little as you are paying. I need to make money on my leases but I don’t want to over do it like I think these guys are! You have a great deal there and I hope you are able to make a great success of it!

Yes I am ;
But you must Realize that the tenant Must also make a Living !
If Not ! Whats the sense of owning your own Business ?

I have seen too many Greedy Landlords That do not care if anyone can make a living ! Only that they get their rent !
And along with this; their tenants are always moving out ! ( Try and Collect your Rent ! )At least twice a Year ! And then the stores are empty for 6 to 12 months ! > Makes NO Sense ! I’m talking about Small Buildings, Strip malls & Larger !
Think About it !
The Hell With all the other Malls !
Keep it Low and Keep it Full !
Dont forget when you started out !
Remember if you ever want to sell your Shopping center the Prospective Buyer will want to see your Tenant tract record !
When the other Places Lose their tenants; You will Not !
I am a Landlord also and keep my rents at a Low rent !
Dont try to get Rich All at Once !
Low and Steady will pay your Bills !
Guess what ! I never Lose a Tenant ! Since 1989 .
Looks Good !
Remember No one likes a Hard*n !
" Keep it Small-Keep It All !

I see it the same way! I just have to find the point where it is fair for everyone, wherever that may be!? I am very pro small business so I will err on the side of caution that is for sure.

I am trying to negotiate a lease with a landlord right now for a shop I might buy. He wants $18/sq ft. Market now it closer to $10! I told him that and while he acknowledged that he also said it was better for them to have an empty space than a low rent space if they want to sell the whole strip mall. That made no sense to me. Anyone have any idea why this might be?

I guess it would depend on his vacancy rate. A mall that is 70% rented at $18 a foot makes a whole lot more than one 100% rented at $10 a foot, and has room for growth. The 70% rented center would have less parking trouble and less wear and tear, and less headaches as well, and in a worst case scenario they could always drop the rent to fill it faster if need be. I don’t agree with sticking to people with really high rents, and I don’t see how so many businesses are lining up to pay them??? On the other hand I also can’t believe how much the cost of a project has gone up in the thirteen years since I last built a commercial building!!! One good example is the over $20,000 bill I got today just for the right to tap into the water main!!! Ouch!

Greed !

Property Prices are DOWN !
He is Wating to find a Pigion ! :x

Yes Prices are Up !
But Don’t try and get all your money Back in one year !

if your gonna sell >keep it full > This will Sell Faster !
Give No More Than a One Year Lease with a Renewal for Additional Years ! ( Unless were Talking about A Chain Store ! Thats Diff. !)
Teants will wonder why the other malls are Half Empty ,having nothing Good to say about the other ( Landlord )guy ! .> This Talk will get out !
People Do Wonder ? >> Why does that Other Mall always have Business moving in and Out ? >> they then find out ! Because the rent Superseeds
the gross Income ! & The Landlord is a ScumBa
If your Gonna Keep the Mall for Your Retirement :Low & Steady Will Pay Your Bills !
I Don’t See your Reasoning for a 70% full Property at being more cost efective with Less Wear & Tear !
If There Is More Wear & Tear that means :
( 1 ) High traffic
( 2 ) Or a Cheep Parking Lot Surface ( you got Robbed !)

  • Hint ! > always Resurface Your Parking Lot * Do Not Patch ! !

People See that First !

  • Hint ! > Keep your Lot Well Lit !
  • Hint ! > Biggie ! > Give Teants BIG Street Signage ! ( Top Thing ! that a Landlord can Supply ! )
  • Hint ! > Include Trash Removal In your Rent ! > This makes you look like a Hero !
  • Unless if One has no Care if Other People Loose their Money ! Then Follow Suit ! ( Please Don’t be a Sm Bg . Like the Other Guy ! )
    THINK !

Prices are way up. Commercial construction in my market is actually up as well, only housing starts are down. Full will not always sell faster, investors look at the bottom line and how they can increase it. A one year lease??? I would never sign a one year lease!? I plan on staying in business a long time, and one of the first things you need to do to protect that is to protect your location. I can do the math for you if you don’t belive me about a market priced 70% leased mall making more than a 100% leased mall that is priced way under market. I could not agree more about a Well lit parking lot. As far as big signage goes…that is dictated by the sign codes the local government puts forth, not you or I. Obviously go with the biggest that is logical and allowable. I also don’t think higher rent automatically makes a landlord a scumbag! If the pizza guy across the street from you sold a pie for fifty cents less that would not make you a scumbag! I will price my rent so that it is a good business deal for all involved don’t worry.