$5 pizza revisited

anybody out there doing a c/o special like LC’s and is working i’m in a small town of about 2000 LC’s is about 8 miles away and i see alot of thier boxes in the trash around here was considering doing this i figure the FLC% would be about 50% i know i have a better product than they have

any ideas


Once you commit to doing this, you will really have to do it for the long haul. It takes time to build up the traffic, and if you ever decide to drop it, it will take a while for the customers to get used to paying full price again.

We did it. It worked well for us for a while. We dropped it, got some complaints, and then business eventually returned.

I agree with Scott that once you do it people will expect it, so if you stop it will hurt you for a while. I don’t coupon for the same reason because I never want someone to feel like they need to wait for a coupon in order to buy from me at the right price.