5 year Gift

So we have been open for 5 yrs now and I would like to give my Manager a Special gift because she makes it possible that I don’t have to be there all the time we are a small shop but steadily growing


Speaking as a manager paid time off would be nice

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Perhaps a bonus for all the hard work

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I don’t know anybody else have any thoughts

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A paid day off or throw her a bonus.

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If you want it to be something special…more than paid time off, that’s basicly just extra money. I like the idea of, since she gives you all this time, give her the gift of time. A nice watch perhaps. I did that years ago for a teacher that really went above and beyond with me. he loved it. and who doesn’t like a nice watch! but of course, when it comes down to it, cash is king.

I have a list of gifts they can choose from when they hit the 5 year mark. Typically the gifts run from $250 to $300. The most popular is an underwater camera.

Thanks guys appreciate it

I usually send my managers to a concert, or ball game with a hotel for the weekend and some spending money. Its a lot cheaper than a full paid week off and they appreciate that I put the effort into knowing what types of activities they enjoy.

Send her and a friend to a resort for 2 nights and give her $300 in spending money.

Got her tkts to Thunder vs Spurs and $200 cash she was so excited

I just got one of my staff a heavy duty KitchenAid Mixer. I got a $600 mixer on sale for $300 so she is pleased as punch.

Go to the pizza expo and take her with you. win/win