50 cent wings!!!

I’ve been thinking about doing a fifty cent wing special on Monday and Tuesday’s for the football season. Those days are my slowest days and I only see any increase in business when the local team goes to the playoffs. Not sure if I should just do a minimum order amount or say with burchase of pizza or 10 or 20 dollars amounts. Any suggestions would be helpful.

You talking like for 6 or what cuz around me, .25 to .30 per is the “sale” special.

My food cost is more than that :? My normal price is $1 a wing and that is at 45% food cost.

I’m paying about $45 for fourty pound case. I sell 24 wings for 13.49.

As trends go, right now we are in the lowest cost of wings, they are already starting to go up, and will continue til SuperBowl (I don’t know how long you are planning to have this special but something to keep in the back of your mind).

And 50 cent wings, as someone mentioned above, doesn’t really sound like a great special. 10% off an order of wings, or $1.00 off—may have a better perceived value for customers.

In my area noone is doing any wing specials. Was thinking that fifty cent would make it sound really inexpensive

Right now you sell them for $0.56 each so not a huge sale. Why not bundle something together? Football party package: 2-pizzas, 24 wings, pop…all for $XXX!

My thinking is the 50 cent is going to make a statement and customers wont actualy realize that it’s not so much of a discount

I think they would catch on pretty fast to the small discount. I am rethinking my bundle. Make it harder for the customer to break the price down. Bundle: One large upto 2 toppings + one med upto 4 toppings + 15 wings + two 2l pop for $xyz! Mix it up a bit…use it too your advantage.

One of the reasons of the wing special was to keep it simple. And fifty cent has a nice ring to it. I’ll run it buy a few customers on how they’d like a special of fifty cent wings or buy two large get twenty wings for ten dollars or a different bundle

Lets say for the sake of arguement, that you have the best wings in the world. Now, while wings may be the best selling appetizer in the industry with pizza, “most” people still do not order them. I would venture a guess that you sell way more salads than wings, and probably a few other things.

So, in order to attract more customers on slow nights, you want to discount an item on the menu that “most” people do not order??? least not very much . . .

Imo, your idea is a happy hour solution at best. I would suggest putting combo meals together like “large 1 topping, salad & 2 liter for $12.00”. Or, if you are a discount place, have a special price on one of your specialty pizzas – or 9.99 for one pizza. My prices are random here, but the point is you are doing a deal that will appeal to “most” people – rather than a minority of people.

Or, along the same lines, instead of .50 wings how bout .50 slices?

We sell wings that weigh about 2oz each. A dozen weighs 1.5 pounds cooked. We charge $9.75 for one dozen with small price breaks at 2 dozen and three dozen. We offer five sauces and include them in our radio ads.

Wing sales are pretty strong.

I’m going to rethink this. I want to do something that is going to bring attention for the football season and pick up business on my slower days.

You haven’t told us your wing size. Perhaps you could driop down a size or two and find an attractive price point. Maybe 8-12 size would be a better shot at 50cent wings? In a forty pound case, 6-9 will get you around 320 pieces +/- while 8-12’s will get you closer to 400 pieces or more. Smaller ones may get a little puny for real wing eaters. Find a good price visual . . . like $5 dozen or $10 for pitcher of beer and a dozen wings.

I get about 320 to a case. Everyone I know just orders jumbo wings and that is what we get. Every once and a while they will be a little larger but I’ve never specified a size.

same same.