500 Free Biz Cards for Your Pizza Shop!

Good afternoon TT,

 This is a special I'd like to extend to PMQ TT members. We are conducting a national "Pizza Marketing Survey" to gauge how well independent pizza shops are advertising their restaurants and services. We plan to analyze the results once the survey ends and then prepare a whitepaper/report  with the results. This will enable you to compare your restaurant to others within your industry so that you can see what you do well, and also determine what things you can improve.

 The more surveys we receive, the better the results will be. So in order to encourage more survey responses we will offer 500 FREE premium quality business cards to each of you who participate! These are full-color, high gloss business cards that are perfect to send out with takeout orders! Not to mention, we will send you a free copy of the "Pizza Marketing Report" via email!

500 FREE Business Cards [size=2]($9.99 shipping)[/size], Here’s How It Works:

*Note: The survey is mostly choice and takes less than 2 minutes to complete - a no brainer!

Thanks in advance to all who participate! Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Does this include design of the cards?

chris, do you work on commission, reason I ask is I am getting ready to order this week! needed to know if I should say chris sent me

The Free business cards do not include design service, however, we will custom design your business card for a one-time fee of $50. Your best bet may be to use Word or Photoshop to design a biz card.

Rockstar pizza-
Thank you for the kind gesture but I do not work on commission. I’m the Marketing Director for Taradel and we work on salary over here.

Thanks to all who have participated - we’ve had a tremendous response so far. I’m excited to provide you all with the free Results Report in the near future.

I won’t rag on you to hard, but free cards for $9.99 shipping…free is free…I don’t offer free delivery then add on a gas charge…I know you are trying to cover costs, but…just my inflated 2 cents!

We are doing a promo right now for a free pizza with 2 toppings. Minimum delivery is still $15 with a $2 delivery fee. This is stated on the offer up front so people don’t call in and find out later.

Although $10 appears to cover more than shipping, its still a good deal and the report should be good to view. Although I’m leaning more towards magnets right now I may just join in on this. They are just for the front counter as I am just not one to have personal business cards.

These are premium UV coated business cards on a nice thick card stock…the printing is 100% free. I know the shipping “un-sweetens” the deal for some, but keep in mind you will get a free copy of the report as well! Maybe in the future I’ll work on a free printing & free shipping deal for the TT. Thanks again and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Here’s my info: