5th anniversary party--need fun ideas

We will be celebrating our 5th anniversary very soon and we are trying to come up with fun things to do. We are going to have a pizza eating contest, box folding contest, trivia…???We are trying to get a band (we’ve had one for previous anniversaries) We will have a radio station doing a live broadcast. We will give away a grand prize of: Family Package—dinner (at our place), bowling and movies. We also plan to introduce 2 new pizzas. It sounds like a lot but we really need more events? Anyone with any ideas??? Time is running out! (June 9th)

Huge congrats on making it 5 years without even being evicted :smiley:

I’d say find a way to give away something really big. Maybe a night at a bed&breakfast, or a camera or an Ipod or something that you can afford, and stll make profit on all the extra sales generated.

You could have a free entry to anyone with no purchase necessary . . . and additional entries for those who order enough stuff. If it’s legal in your state. Make it a big lead-up to the grand finale. Hype it, streamers, flashing lights, jugglers, the works. Maybe a scavenger hunt to find local points of interest, city important history, locations or get people familiar with the neighborhood or your pizzeria.

If you got the time and the guts . . . dunking booth. Dump the pizza guy . . . 3 tries for $1. Betcha make a buck or two after the rental fee. I might have to take this one and try it when we have our big celebration.

IMHO, that’s pretty blah for a grand prize. Maybe offer the local hotel a “swap” of pizza for a room… weekend getaway of sorts.

One thing we find that works well is a $100 Pizza Party. The pack consists of pizzas, Soft drinks (soda) Gralic Breads and Wedges, all delivered free.

We leave the date open so they can use it for any specific event or just have friends around.

Costs us about $30.

We have used it for shopping centre promotions (entry forms - good for getting a data base), donations to schools and sporting clubs etc.

Easy to do and great value with minimal costs involved.


Don’t forget about the Papa John’s anniversary approach, either. Every year it turns into a huge sales building tool for them on their anniversary. They’ve changed it over the years but I can vividly remember [size=5]“2 FOR $12”[/size]. We usually “celebrated” for two weeks and proceded to get our buts handed to us each and every night.


Hey Nick, thanks for the Congrats! We’re pretty excited. We also happen to have a landlord who really loves us. He’s also our financial angel. My husband (the pizza man) loves the dunk tank idea! We live in a small town, so movies, bowling & dinner is a big thing. I will contact one of the local hotels that we do a lot of deliveries to and see what we can get from them. I forgot to mention that we are on the Southern Oregon Coast and it’s 30 miles to the next town in either direction. I also would like to keep the prizes rather family oriented since that’s what our business is. We are also going to give away an 18" pizza per month for 1 year to one lucky winner.
Thanks for the ideas everyone! Will keep checking back for any more!

Colleen & Monte Harrison
The Pizza Place
Brookings, OR

We’ve just started setting the specials for our 19th anniversary special advertisements. Each special has a side item to be added to a purchase for a specific item for only 19 cents. Expecting a better response from this than when it was 11 years and did 2 for $11.00.

Somehow, there just HAS to be a way to make it a metaphor for dipping breadstix into sauce or something like that. There just HAS to be. Call the baseballs they throw “meatballs”? . . . put a pizza graphic on the target they throw at? Put foam “noodles” in the water with more floating plastic “meatballs”? Might be too much schtick, but might draw the kids into the fun.

Im thinking about filling up a fish tank and putting a shot glass in it and ever1 that comes in drop 1 quarter if u make it pizza free :smiley: