6 by 9 postcards

So to my door best price I have found on gloss stock is 450.00 for 5000, anyone know of a better? (about .09)

Rockstar Pizza,

I use a company called UPrinting (http://www.uprinting.com). They have the 6x9 14pt cardstock, excellent quality glossy finish, front side only and it is about 358 for me with shipping.

I order these from http://gotprint.com. They’re $266 + shipping for 5000, full color on both sides and UV Coating. That doesn’t include any design services. Shipping is out of California.

I am a GotPrint fan since I design most all my own stuff. Gang run pinters are no frills and fast, but if you need exact color matching for your branding, then it’s not your best bet. they get in the neighborhood, but charge more for exact coloring. I have bought all my print assets from GotPrint for 7 years. . . . . now in my newest venture, I suspect I’ll start there for pricing.

I use quantumndigital.com. I was told of this website by my friend who is realestate. You can actually go in and pinpoint certain streets with in a radius, you can delete addresses you can add certain addresses, basically you choose the addresses you want to mail to, it will only pick up residential addresses I get a really good return from it. Try it out you will be surprised

I’m a little surprised. People in the printing business must make a killing in the U.S. now. I live in the most expensive place on the planet and I can get 5,000 postcards printed for less than any price in this thread.

Maybe it’s time to get out of the pizza business and get into the printing business…

If you can get 4x4 glossy 6x9 postcards on 14pt stock for less than 5 cents, then you need to be reselling them and getting them drop shipped to customers.

To GA, best price I can find is 272 + 75 = $347 for 5000 cards to my door. 2 sided color, full glossy. If you can beat that, I’ll order through you and you can keep 75% of the difference.

I just did some quick quotes


Print harmony $259

Expresscolorprinting.com $350 (but they’ll match price)

I’ve used the last two many times…had a minor issue, once upon a time, with got print, so I never used them…

I can get them here for about 21,000 yen. That was about $175 a few years ago, but is now about about $262. The cost here has been flat, but the exchange rate has changed since the dollar has devalued so much.

Doesn’t that seem strange since the paper has to be imported, the ink (soy ink) is imported from the US and the cost feels like it’s under $200 because of the cost of living?

Of course you have no control over prices, but as I said, the printing industry must be making a killing there. Shoot, regular gas is almost $7 a gallon here.

I used to sell a lot of printing, but it has turned into such a “bloodsport” I hardly bother anymore…These days there is virtually no difference between wholesale and retail prices, so it is hard as a re-seller to make much on it…

Demand side economics.

From Print harmony website
PrintHarmony.com sells only to Resellers of Printing. Each business that creates an account is scrutinized to maintain the integrity of our “trade only” policy

If you dou your own graphics, you qualify with print harmony.com

I’ve done several with them…small PITA, but ok quality & simple to deal with…