60 Qt Mixer Question

My mixer is dripping some grease out of a pinhole on the bottom of the attachment hub.
When I pulled the cap off there was an ounce or two of grease inside.
is this normal?
I only use the mixer for dough

Any help is appreciated

Sounds like you ought to get Hobart of whoever in there. I believe there should be more oil in the gearbox.

Thanks for the response
I’m not sure where the gear box is
The cap I pulled off is the one that covers the attachment hub
(It is an Anvil mixer)

we had that problem…it seemed like when it got wet the gease started to leak. If you keep the water in your doigh off of the hook it might help?

If by “attachment hub”, you’re referring to the “head unit” area (which is what I think you are referring to). Obviously, there is supposed to be some lubrication there. Is it grease you’re seeing or oil? Have you ever used an attachment there before? It could be that it’s packed like that from the factory. It could be that it got tipped over in shipping and some oil leaked up from the transmission to the hub area. Call Anvil and see what they say.

How old is the mixer (just as a point of reference), how long have you used it, and how happy have you been with it (aside from this particular issue)?

It’s about 3 years old. I bought it on craigslist for $3000 about 1 year ago
It works fine though I can’t compare to hobart because I’ve been using a VCM for the previous 7 years.
As I’m using it for dough only I prefer the 40 Qt VCM a little better overall.

Probably the grease is normal and the pinhole is there to let it out when too much accrues.

As I see it, there arn’t many technical people out there. I started my buisness with almost no money and no eqipment, I bought my first mixer for $300 put $200 into repairs, My brother now uses this mixer at his resaraunt.

To answer your question is, there is no need to be alarmed, with older mixers this is common especially with lesser known brands. As one reader posted; your machine needs lube to keep it operating properly.

My solution, seeing that we didn’t use the h hub, I made a plug out of plastic and a rubber o-ring from my local hardware store. $cost .20 cents