60 quart mixers

We are looking to purchase a 60 qt mixer for dough and dressing prep… What’s most reliable and reasonably priced? Which ones should we stay away from?

gears or belts?

Hobart is the tried and true pizzeria workhorse 60 Qt mixer.
You should be able to find one a couple years used too…

There are a few brands to choose from out there, though Hobart is at the top of the list. Why? I don’t know. I DO know however, that all I’ve ever used is Hobart in the past and I can recollect having a problem with only one of them. I also know of a Hobart 60 qt. being used in one of our corporate restaurants that is over 40 years old and still going strong. Chances are, that is probably the brand you should shoot for based on it’s performance record.


Most all on this board will reccomend a Hobart, but let me go a bit further and reccomend moving up to an 80qt, more specifically an M-802. The M-802 is equiped with a larger motor and the 80 quart bowl allows you to mix a whole 50Lb bag of flour with ease. the automatic bowl raise makes life easy too. The cost should be similar to a 60 quart as well.

As everyone else here has said, get a Hobart - mine is about 40 years old, I’ve had it for 8 years and have not had to get it serviced even once! We normally make 4 - 5 batches of dough daily - use it to grate cheese, cut Mushrooms, salami, cappicolo, Italian Sausage, and other meats as well. The cost was $5,500 - seems high for one that old, but it was completely reconditioned.

For what it is worth I agree with those who endorse the Hobart Mixers.

George Mills

I have primarily used Hobarts. You can usually find one for around $1000 to $2000. Look in your City, County, States, or Federal Government Surplus Auction. I have seen several go for under $2000 on these auctions.

Secondly, use 32# bags of Flour, adjust your recipe down to match, this will reduce the wear on your machine, and it will reduce lifting injuries in your store. As Most of my batches are about 56#.

I am of course a ‘Hobarter’ myself and mine is 32 y.o. and only one problem w/ it many moons ago…now about tommies prices @ 1000-2000.00 per machine is utterly rediculous.I never seen one and I’m speaking used under $4000.00 and this was from a man who was closing and gone to prison!


I’ll buy every (ready to use) $1000 Hobart 60qt you can find me - and I’ll give you a $500 finders fee.

I’ve seen many go in the $1500-$2000 range. Some may look a bit ugly and almost none in this price range will have a bowl guard, but they are available.

Just did a check on EBay - cheapest 60 qt is about $4k; the only ones in the price range you’re describing are 20 - 30 qt mixers. I’m with the poster who said he’d buy all the ready to use ones you can find at $1,000 and pay a $500 finders fee. Anyone selling a good 60 qt Hobart at that price is either incredibly stupid or is selling them stolen (come to think of it, if he’s trying to make a living from stealing those monsters, he’s none too bright in that case, either)

Here’s one that ended recently:

http://cgi.ebay.com/2-HOBART-60-qt-MIXE … dZViewItem

A quick couple searches on ebay show me close to a dozen 60 and 80 quart mixers well under the 4K you mention. Most are older, but here’s a couple with no reserve to keep your eye on:

http://cgi.ebay.com/HOBART-MIXER-60Qt-R … dZViewItem

http://cgi.ebay.com/HOBART-MIXER-L800-P … dZViewItem

Okay, you got me there … I haven’t really looked since buying mine a long time ago, can’t believe people are actually selling them that cheap. If I were to buy one of those, though, I’d spend the extra cash to have a Hobart service guy tear it apart & make sure everything’s good on it before using it … just had too many bad experiences with mixers prior to getting this last one & I’m getting too dam old to mix all those batches by hand!

It’s that “pick up only” line that keeps the bidding low. Too much hassle driving from GA to Michigan to get it . . . maybe Kyle needs a 60 qt mixer.

Looks like all of those cheaper units are 1HP models - not enough as far as I know to mix a 50lb bag of flour batch of pizza dough according to Hobart. If I remember correctly, Hobart says 1.5 or 2 HP for that size batch - I’ll have a look and see if I can find where I read that.

Can we stop the whizzing match please? Hobart 60 qt mixers can indeed be found for 1000-2000 at local auctions, depending on your location, time of year, and market saturation. No one stipulated the required horsepower. Of course, most of the ones that I’ve seen at sub 2000 didn’t include unimportant items such as bowls, attachments, etc. Minor things that will only cost you another several hundred if you have to buy them new.

If anyone is looking for an ugly(but working) M-802 in the Missouri area, a budy of mine just bought one cheap. He had a buyer lined up but that fell through. Somewhere in the $1200-$1500 range would buy it. If interested PM me with an email address and I’ll put you in touch with the owner.

If you are looking at the Hobart mixers, be aware that all 60-quart mixers are not created alike. There is the “H” series, which is more of a regular duty mixer, and there is the “P” series, which is a heavy duty workhorse, designed for mixing pizza and bagel doughs. Lately, I’ve been using the new, Legacy series mixers and I’ve been pretty impressed with them. It is probably the most user friendly, OSHA approved mixer out there right now. Whatever you snag, besure to get a reverse spiral dough arm and a flat beater with a stainless steel bowl. I recommend staying away from the tinned bowls for pizza production.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor