.70 cents a box?

My supplier has raised the price on boxes yet again, the 3rd time in less than a year and it’s now running .70 cents for 14" and 16" pizza boxes.

What is everyone else paying?

Where can I get these plain white boxes for cheaper and not have to buy 5000 boxes?


We pay .43 cents for custom printed 15" boxes

cash and carry or restaurant depo should be less then .70 each. Holy how

I pay about .30 a box for the natural brown ones (14 inch). You’re being fleeced by someone, most likely your food vendor. If he wanted to im sure he could save you some money going with the brown boxes, or at least shop for a better deal somewhere else. My vendor gets boxes from Arvco… I was at 20 bucks a bundle and I told him forget it… started driving an hour to RD to get boxes for 13.00, 50 cases would last me about 2 weeks, so it was worth the trip considering the savings. He got within 2.00 and I said, ‘ok, that’s close enough.’ My '84 F150 probably would have lasted only another two trips before it broke down anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

I recommend checking out Clark Food Service who runs the webstaurantstore. I used them in the past as our primary purveyor for everything from paper to smallwares. They have one of the best ecommerce sites I have seen and their prices are right. 16x16 boxes .36/Each not including the shipping so you would need to of course find out that number. If purchased in larger quantities price goes down. Below is a link.

http://www.webstaurantstore.com/16-x-16 … PRINT.html

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http://www2.costco.com/Browse/Product.a … &topnav=bd

B Flute v. E Flute - That’s probably the difference. It is for us. Also, 2" v. 1.5". We serve Chicago Style Pizza and have to use 2" B Flute. They’re not quite $.70 but they are much more expensive than standard 1.5" E-Flute.


I am paying 38 cents for 14" 1.75" deep B flute plain white boxes.

For my 14" box I am paying $0.42 for a 2" B flute, 3 color