A better way to cleaning floors?????

We use hand tossed pies and deck ovens and our floors are always a mess with flour and semilina. Is there a vacum cleaner out there that works. The shop vac just ends up blowing the flour out the back side. Sweeping with a broom and a dust mop is what we are using now. Any suggestions would help.

Thanks - Russell

Most any vac should work. If you have to, HEPA should certainly work. I’d suggest something with a large chamber and one with inexpensive (generic) bags. For what you’re asking of it, I think I’d suggest one of the $100 cheap household vacs and just calling it “disposable” when it dies an early death (in a home, some of these things will last well over 10 years, so I’m not suggesting replacing every month or anything). I’d probably go bagged vs bagless just because of the dust when emptying. Bagless would certainly be cheaper on bags. :).

In our last shop, the landlords put in terracotta tile and did not seal it, so we had lots of trouble getting flour up and keeping it clean. We opted for broms and occasional (monthly) scrubbing with brushes to stay even marginally clean.

I am absolutely LOVING the swepp broom thing with my new epoxy floors. It is slick like glass, and the flour/cornmeal comes up like a charm. Granted, it is slick like tiny little ball bearings during the shift, but we use push broom a couple times a night to clear it up.

teach your “slappers” 2b neater & slap over the table - I hate the PJ guys who think their so “hot” that they can spin a pie over their heads & spew flour/cornmeal everywhere…

I get most of my size on the table and a quick spin for final size - ya, I’m a neat freak (thank you, U.S.M.C.)

you can also put a “ledge” on the edge of your slap table (seal it) and that will keep alotta mess on the table…

Lowes or Home Depot sell “drywall dust bags” for shop vacs that do a nice job of filtering the vacuums exhaust - should work perfectly.