Do any of you use a portable a/c unit for alittle extra help with the heat in the kitchen. We have a 5 ton a/c for 1200sqft delco. I am thinking of using one of these portable a/c units for a small prep area and break area. Any opinions?

Thought about that last summer but by the time i went to buy one, everyone was sold out! Let us know if it works out, I am still thinking about it. I will say that the “personal cooling system” from sharper image ($79.00each) don’t work worth a damn.

Don’t they have to go in a window or vent outside or something?

I cut a hole in the side of my building and installed one there. It helps a little, but if you’ve got a poweful hood system the majority will get sucked up before it has a chance to hit your kitchen.

Take a look at the following topic and scroll down to the pictures. In picture number 2 you can see my “window unit”.



I set up my 1200 foot store with a new 5 ton AC unit. By my second summer I had to purchase a second 5 ton unit. Even with that, the best I can get on a hot day is 82-85 degrees. Not bad unless its a busy day and you are really busting ass.