A comment for all mfgs that visit the TT!

I copied this post of mine from the Edge oven thread. Basically asking for mfgs to start to stand behind their products more. With the economy still bad and businesses not willing to expend a lot on new high cost purchases…offering a standard and long term warranty would do a lot to help drive up sales. What do others think? Has this restricted your purchases? Would you buy more and quicker if they stood behind their products better? Below is my post from the other thread:

“George great point. I know most commercial warranties are 1 yr p&l and some extend to two years parts…but with prices being high on everything why cant mfgs stand behind their product better? Why not a 5 year p&l? If your product is as good as you say…this should cost almost nothing to offer! To all the mfgs out there…step up too the plate! You want higher sales numbers than make the known operating cost known upfront! Operators will be more willing to buy large items when they know what their costs for the first 5 years will be. Car makers have had to do this and many refer mfgs offer 5 yr std on compressors now…how about the entire unit? Just a thought.”

I think there isn’t a manufacturer out there that would not be happy to guarantee their equipment for 5 years. The problem in many cases is operator error, and operators don’t like to admit responsibility. In my consulting business, I would like to say the majority of operators/managers out there keep their compressor filters clean. Or the fan covers on the back of every PS 360 are clean. Or that the fingers in every Lincoln conveyor were not caked with carbonized cheese. Or that the POS database has been purged at some point.

I would really welcome some manufacturers coming to the TT to rant about operator error. There is still a ton of stuff I don’t know, but would seem like common sense to an oven manufacturer.

The idea of blindly guaranteeing your products is pretty much dead. It is a two way street.

Longer warranties, customer service, support, etc. are all costs that must be built into the final selling price…

I would much prefer that the “risk” be transferred to me and that I get the cost savings for taking that risk. Give me a one or two year warranty and don’t pad the price for an extended one.

All good points. First, I dont think anyone here is naive enough too not understand that you pay for this coverage one way or another. Look at it this way. So if they put a P & L warranty for 5 years on Brand X oven. Yes you are paying a little more on the initial cost but as with all warranty coverage it is basically a ponzi. The mfgs take in new money on units sold and this offsets the service of sold units. Some ovens never need a thing while others a repeat offenders. The end user still has the piece of mind that he will not have out of pocket expenses on this large investment. As with all warranties user error and misuse would be excluded as it should be. If you cannot properly maintain your equipment then you are at fault and should pay for the repairs. The other benefit of having the mfgs offer this coverage is that most will strive to better their products as too not spend the incoming monies on repair and instead profit from it all. Most auto makers that offer better coverage also offer a better product. They also include scheduled maintenance plans. This is key to their success. Like has been stated…poor upkeep is the root to a lot of service issues and as with all equipment…having a well written and followed service plan in place is very important. Nobody likes cleaning but if you do it a little at the time it never becomes the overwhelming day of endless work. Write a plan and follow it. Also, I have learned from large scale cleaning projects…have everyone involved. Don’t just have one employee start cleaning or servicing something at the end of a shift… bring everyone in on an off-day morning and tackle a list. The more the better…as people tend to achieve better results when working as a group with a common goal. They talk more but they also concentrate on the process at hand. Less mind wandering and more work. Put that same person alone and they start too think why me, why not them, this sucks, etc… Sorry for the wandering post…but all plays together in a way. :!:

Re: A comment for all mfgs that visit the TT!
by royster13 » Tue Oct 04, 2011 7:25 am

Longer warranties, customer service, support, etc. are all costs that must be built into the final selling price…

May I point out that XLT did not increase their sell price after they instituted the five year warranty and their price has not changed from what we sold their ovens at over ten years ago.

George Mills