A couple ?'s from the new guy

Hello everybody,

There are many great posts on here. I’ve been reading a lot of the old stuff to learn a few things. My pizzeria has been up and running for about a year now. One of my questions is what is the best nacho cheese for breadsticks? Cheese warmer? Dispencer? Canned vs bags, etc…?

Also, so far I’ve only had bottled drinks and I think I am ready to get a fountain machine…Is the profit much higher on fountain drinks? I assume it is…

During the day I probably come up with 100 questions but as of right now these are the only ones I could think of :slight_smile: …Some of my questions might be elementary but I figure it would be easy for you guys to answer since everyone has dealt it already.

Greetings to everyone

I cannot help you with some of the questions,but I do have one for you about the nacho cheese for breadsticks.

You said nacho cheese,but are you asking for a spicier Jalapeno style type of cheese,or just a good cheese thats great on nachos but can also be used for breadsticks?

Just wanted to know what your target was for it.

  1. Que Bueno is considered the pinnacle of Nacho cheese greatness around here. It comes in #10 cans. Purchase a full-size counter-top steam table, a set of 1/3 sized metal pans/slotted lids, and warm up/hold the Nacho (and some pizza sauce too!) at temp. Ladle into 2 or 3 or 4 oz. souffle cups as sold.

  2. Fountain beverages should bring in a much higher profit margin vs. bottled. Bottled beverages are a huge money maker… for Coke and Pepsi.

So glad you took the time to read through the archives…There is so much great information about the right things to do and wrong things not to do…Good luck…

I am just looking for a good cheese for breadsticks because I think a crappy cheese can ruin the taste no matter how good the dough. Thanks a lot on the advice, Brad I will look into your product ASAP to see if it is available in my area.
However, is it efficient to ladle on a Friday night as the Breadsticks are flying out left and right or would it be better to get a cheese warmer?

First I highly recommend that you try the sams club nacho cheese, We get a LOT of people who love this stuff and can tell if we ever sub it for another and its half the price of the Que Bueno.
as far as distributing it, we scoop out in a 1/3 pan as well and sit it on our oven and scoop when needed, we have a nacho cheese dispenser but the clean up SUCKS. I really would discourage against the bags, soooo much more expensive.