A few dough questions

Hi guys i have a few dough related questions that i hoped someone could help me with :slight_smile:

Ive been having a few problems with bubbling and i was hoping to eliminate this. We currently dock our pizzas and i really hate how it looks - i personally believe it takes away from the rustic look of a pizza. However with a high level of bubbling its our only current option.
Our current dough formula is
100% high protein flour
55% water
0.6% IDY (I’ve a feeling this is too much but it is producing a good product so thats why i havent lowered the amount)

Mixed in a spiral mixer for about 15 mins (it takes this long due to the slow speed of the spiral mixer). The final dough temp is about 80 degrees f. The dough is immediately scaled and balled into dough trays. The trays are allowed to sit at room temperature for about 3 hours before being rolled and placed on screens. I think the doughballs can seem a bit puffy (They dont feel very solid)… they balloon up when proofing and collapse when lifted… im not sure if this is normal. The bases then sit on wire racks at room temperature until needed. The bases could sit out for 2 hours sometimes. The pizzas have a good colour and we use good ingreidents but i would love to reduce the bubbling to a minimum and empart more flavour into the pizza dough. I dont have room to put dough trays in the cooler overnight but i have thought about improvising and purchasing smaller plastic trays and using these.

So to summarise…
How can i reduce the bubbling?
How can i empart more flavour?

Thankyou in advance