A-Frame Sign

Anyone need an A-Frame/Sandwich Board Sign? Its brand spanking new, never used. Its white, measures 24" x 36". They go for a little over $150. I will sell $80 pickup. If you want it delivered, let me know the zip code and I’ll calculate shipping costs.


(that little blotch in the middle is my camera phone, not the sign)

Will you still have your menu attached?

It never was, but for you, of course.


The A-frame that cannot be sold.

lol, don’t remind me.

Someone give this A-frame a good home. It has been neglected for so long. It really needs the love and attention only YOU can give it.

I’ll take it.


Still for sale.

I thought we had agreed on a deal . . . did I take too long to get back to you? Or did you just see my post? Either way, let’s do the payment tonight or tomorrow.

payment sent via PayPal

Thanks Nick!

(See, Tim, this is proof that this place should have a classified forum instead on an off-base classified section. I had it in the classified for a over a month with 0 hits. Since I posted it here, within 5 days, I got 3 different replies and now its sold.)

I agree. I just got a sweet deal from Steve on a piece of equipment I needed based on a thread I started in the POS section. We need a swap meet area on this board.

Shoot. I have a ton of stuff to sell.

Such as . . . .

A DOUGH MIXER AND ROLLER … maybe :lol: :wink:


Freezers, walkin, Hobart mixers, SS tables, etc.

You have a cheese shredder attachment for that Hobart that I could buy?

Maybe we could just hijack this thread and make it a classifieds thread.

When I inventory everything, I will be posting it on TPC then on craigslist (especially for the larger items that I do not want to ship). Might as well get some content on our little site.