A good way of letting customers know you are closing?

We have decided to close one location at the end of February. We fired our manager there in November and have been only doing pick up. All calls are forwarded to our other shop and delivered from there. It’s works out ok but we just don’t want that shop anymore. So far those customers being delivered don’t realize where their food is coming from since the delivery time is the same. How should I announce that we can still service them from the other shop? I want to hold onto the deliveries we currently are getting. Should I just keep the phone number forwarding and advertise that we still deliver there? I’m not sure of the best route.

I would MOVE the phone number to that location instead of call forwarding. I would box top at the pick up location “We are moving” and put the location of your other shop.

I imagine you are going to find,in time,alot less headache. I know the decision to close is probably very difficult but better to have one great shop with mentally healthy owners than two shops over whelming the owners. Good luck.


I know a lot of our customers know about our other location so I thought maybe it would seem weird if we said we moved.
It will be great to close. I have so many projects going on at once that I look forward to locking that door!

“To better serve our valuable customers, we will be consolidating our operations. Our delivery area will remain unchanged. You can continue to use the phone number you’ve used in the past if you wish. We look forward to providing you the best pizza, best quality, and best service you’ve come to expect.”

Just let them know what you are doing. Tell them in order to serve you better here is whats happening.Here are the phone numbers you can call us at and this is the address. I would box top and put a sign up. Also on the last couple of days give your pick up customers a coupon for a free pizza at your other location or a FREE________.