A little cheese with my *whine*?

Well, I guess you all can say “I told you so”.

I think I’ve finally seen the straw to break my camel’s back.

My nerve test results on my back say there is no damage to my nerves, and that with continued chiropractic alignments and 2 more cortisone shots, I can have a nerve ablation done to my back to deaden the nerve for up to a year and get myself better…and I’m feeling MUCH better.

So much better, I’m ready to have my hours back.

But, guess what. Girl who took my spot who was about to get fired before my back went crappy for calling in all the time (9 times in a month span…kid you not), doesn’t want to get off my shift.

The solution boss comes up with. SPLIT the hours with her.

She has called in 3 times in the last week during crucial holiday times (school parties, etc)…and she deserves to split MY hours with ME?

I need full time work now, because I’ve wiped out my savings account on my medical bills from my back. I’ve got to get my nest egg back up…and I have to SPLIT hours?

I’ve worked there over a year and been his most dependable, accurate, consistent employee…and THIS is the thanks I get?

She says the hours are perfect for her and she will NOT work evenings again…even though she knew that her taking on the role was temporary (I had even discussed it with her at the start).

My hours were 9:30 to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday so I could have evenings off for my kid’s ball games on Tuesdays and Thursdays and also coach the company basketball team on the weekends during the leagues…as well as promote the store at those tourneys.

I seriously think it’s time to move on now…what’s the point in busting my arse for this type of treatment?

Sorry for the vent…but it helps, so thanks.

I would suggest that you tel the owner exactly (and calmly and reasonably) what your understadning of th the deal was and that they can either give you back your hours or loose you.

Two things though: Keep it professional and give reasonable notice. Work through the notice and do a good job.

I told you so. :lol:

Never understood why you kept working for that manager. Go work for someone who knows how to build a decent culture. That place sounds like a commune of incompetence.

You should move on. It sounds like they aren’t going to give you what you want. Give them a shot and be prepaired to go elsewhere.

Senior employees should have first dibs at schedule requests. Junior employees get the leftovers. Length of employment need not be the only factor in ‘seniority’. Competency, flexibility, qualifications, etc can and should effect seniority IMHO.

List employees as to their seniority on the schedule and/or schedule requests. Where possible, give senior employees the requested hours/days off. Work you way down the list. Nobody wants to work that shift? Start from the bottom up and fill those hours.

Vacation? Married, kids, single, school? Don’t matter. Seniority rules baby! (a few exceptions apply though)

How bad someone ‘needs’ the hours should not be a factor. We all ‘need’ to be paid.

Time to walk. As you’ve seen on these forums people with experience, character and heart are always in high demand. I agree with Bdghwy, have a nice calm professional sit down chat. When that doesn’t play out, and given what we’ve been able to “hear” of your management…anyway, there’s bigger and better out there for you. Go get it!