A little info/help needed

First I would like to say hello to all that give the great information I have read on this site…

Second, I was hoping someone could give me some point of contacts for a supplier etc. that would help me find the perfect cinnamon, butter, and dipping glaze for desert bread sticks…We make a killer dough on site product and need to supplement these great pies, salads, bread sticks, calzones, etc. with something SWEET!!! I loves me some sweet.
Thanks in advance y’all
Allen’s Stone-Baked Pizzeria
Centerville Ga.

Allen, are you over behind the galleria? I grew up in Warner Robins and am amazed that there is such a food market there these days. YIKES!

I use Rich’s vanilla heat and ice for our dessert items. It is shelf stable, lasts forever, is good tasting, and quite affordable per serving.

You can make a good really product yourself with powdered sugar, water and a little oil . . . but i do not have a recipe for that on hand. It always separates on me when it sits for a day or so and gets a sugar brick in the bottom of a bunch of water :frowning:

Yes, it is the same Allen’s…What did you think about our pizza?
Anyways…Thanks for the info. I have been looking at certain mixes but I was worried about the settling thing too. I will give them a call!! I would like to get easy to use (in a squeeze bag) or something. How does your product come shipped to you?
How’s your place doing in Ga? We have our ups and downs…But for the most part staying afloat. Need to get some more ads out there.
Thanks for the reply and information my pizza brother.