A PMQ Directory for pizzerias


PMQ is looking to create a unified directory of all pizzerias in the country. We will have free memberships for pizzerias to get their name on the site. Our hope is to do more than just put the name of a pizzeria but include videos, social media, menus and more - without a rating system but with a more detailed search so customers find exactly what they want. Can you let me know your thoughts on this idea, both good and bad?

I’m in, is there an email addy to use?
I do not like putting my biz name on publicly searchable web forums because there are way too many things we openly discuss here with regards to pricing strategies, customers that get on our nerves, etc etc etc for me to have my business attached to those comments and having it come back and bite me in the butt

Absolutely - email me your thoughts at melanie@pmq.com