A question of staff durability

Does anyone have a ‘secret’ remedy or preventative for chaffing? I know it is an off kind of question, but it can be a reality in southeast US during the hot, humid summer season coming up. Lots of sweat and running about can lead to chaffing on the legs and groin.

We got the basics of corn starch and white petrolatum. Any other secrets?

12.5 tons of air conditioning!

Just when I thought I had seen it all you come up with a good one :slight_smile:
I remember my grandmother wrapping her thighs with a cotton bandages on the days she was going for a walk in the heat, but that was way last century when I was about 4.

I thought I was the only one until I read about waiter butt in the book Waiter Rant. The best stuff I found is Gold Bond lotion. Put it on your…affected area, then toss a shake of powder in your shorts to keep things dry.

Be a man and tough it out and walk like a cowboy who has been on a horse for 3 days.
Then go home and cry and roll around the floor and hope that nothing touches that tender nether regions.

NO fun

Nick…Sorry but I am still rolling on the floor after reading this one buddy :lol: I feel bad because I know it’s not a laughing matter… I think I would lean towards the increase in kitchen air conditioning!

Oh…and for the last time Dave we do not ride horses anymore… how many times we have to tell you this! :stuck_out_tongue:

Goldbond is cool after you suffer for 10 minutes. I’m not down with that Ben gay sensation down there. I’d say baby powder is where it’s at. I’ve been told by employees that a seperate deodorant stick Is used. Please don’t tell me how that works out. I’m already cringing.

Years ago, as a young Supply Corps officer responsible for the laundry operations aboard ship, I was enlightened by a young Marine responsible for the Navy/Marine interface why there were no skivvies to be washed.

“Don’t wear 'em in the field, sir. They cause ‘crotch rot’.”

There is another term for it which isn’t really appropriate in mixed company.

Bottom line, it gets hot and humid down here and I don’t care how much Gold Bond powder (or Walmart brand) you use, it still occurs. Loose fitting undergarments (boxers) or Bill Murray style (Stripes) for a few days usually does the trick.

But you may want to check with your local health department first… :mrgreen:

Hey Nick,
Give this stuff a try. http://www.antimonkeybutt.com/index.php?submenu=Home&src=

Tractor supply has it and some hardware stores. It helps and has a great sounding name. :smiley:


I suggest that you also read: It’s HEAT STRESS season. Is your store A/C working?

Time to be serious… very difficult for me. :stuck_out_tongue:
But, confession time … I suffer from it too :cry: :oops:
The cause is an actual fungal infection caused by the skin rubbing and excess heat. The only way to rid yourself of it is to use an anti-fungal cream twice a day for 14 days.
Reading other food industry magazines etc it is a common cause in the food industry due the vast time we are on our feet continually moving at different angles and the heat and huminity found in commercial kitchens.
Our crack commando unit the SAS (Special Air Services) are not allowed to wear underwear because this complaint can jeopardise them in the field of war, and this is how the saying " freeballing" or “going commando” goes when you don’t wear underwear.
There are certain powders specific for this (Prantal is a brand here … don’t know if it is in America?) that is specific for this problem. My doctor said a cheaper alternative is using corn flour as that is what most of the remidies are made of.
Reminds me of a snippet in a food magazine where a cook saw a cannister of corn flour in the toilet and asked the chef why it was there. He explained its use. This person commented they have never been able to eat scones ever again after this. :smiley:
Nick, you bring out the best in people with your posts subjects. :smiley:

I keep a can of corn starch (I think similar to European corn flour) in my locker for just such occasions. works okay until a good humid day.

You folks with the AC just make me giggle. West GA on a hot, humid day eats AC tonnage for breakfast. :slight_smile: that family with a baby with diaper rash that they don’t have enough AC tonnage in the house. Mammals sweat, and chaffing occurs . . . heat rash on necks is not altogether common either (especially with long hair). 6 hours on your feet moving, bending and working at an oven makes no difference . . . friction distress will eventually win out, and steps are needed. Heck 4 hours at the little league field doing a concession sale nearly got me today.

Dave, I wanted to bring this up a couple times because it is a real thing that happens in real kitchens . . . . and not just to fat-bald guys. I figure someone out there had real information, and I got some good stuff so far. Maybe there is a PMQ article on this in the future :lol:

Ooooo…NO photos please in that future article ok?

Okay, wa dave used the term I was afraid to mention in mixed company (rhymes with Tom Petty song).

The anti-fungal cream does work once the chaffing becomes a fungal infection. Never took 14 days though.

Well I think we have officially now covered every topic related to the biz…

Just to throw some things out there:

Loose cotton clothing

Boy short undies not briefs

A little gold bond powder…not baby powder or shower to shower

Sleep in your birthday suit with fan (yeah kim owes me one LOL)

Be careful using too many products letting the area breathe will work best

Good luck!

Yep, I’m all class !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

The 14 days is what the doctor told me to do to makesure it cleans it up


Ron, you’re barking up the wrong tree with articles about dishwashers and beverages. Jock Rot is what the readers want!

Yeah it could be quite amusing (to those who don’t suffer it) and there would be heaps willing to discuss the topic. It could be an early summer edition special every year. :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe that explains this
http://www.youtube.com/watch#!v=IMM99yP … re=related

They were taking a dip in the sanitizing sink :mrgreen: