A quick review of the Vegas show.

I would like to take the opportunity to give a first time attendee’s impression of the Pizza Expo. I attended both keynote speakers and as many of the other sessions as I could.

The keynote speakers gave a very good insight to their businesses and how they were able to build them to the place they are today. There were several good marketing ideas and business tips that, if followed, will build any business.

The sessions that I attended for the most part provided inspiration on marketing, managing employees and interacting with customers. I was however disappointed in one or two of the sessions that seemed to be more of a sales pitch for the speakers product than an educational experience.

The exhibits on the floor had something for everyone. I went with the idea in mind that I would make a few choice contacts and then just have a look around at what was “out there”. I came away from the show having made a few deals on items that I had not planned on but am glad I did.

The most educational and inspiration part of my time at the Pizza Expo was the time that I spent with other attendees. I enjoyed the Beer and Bull sessions because there was a free flow of questions and answers on any topic that anyone had interest in. It seemed to be a big family reunion. I was able to meet many of the forum regulars while there and can now put faces to the names.

In summary I would encourage anyone who has never gone to the Pizza Expo to make a serious effort to attend.


It was great meeting face to face and being able to chat hope to be able to see you agan and talk more on PMQ

as for Vegas i totally agree with him


Daddio, It was a pleasure meeting you in Vegas. I always enjoy the shows ( I was at the very 1st one 25 years ago in Orlando). Ive been in the biz for 30 years and I always come out of the show with renewed energy and fresh new ideas that we can share with the rest of the people on this board. It was nice getting a chance to chat with you if I ever get up to Banff National Park I will stop in and visit you.

Take Care,

I agree Daddio I remember my first time at the show and here I am 9 years later and i still get lots out of it but also I get to take a little holiday to refresh and get energized (I cant say I get rested cause I havent got back to the room before 3 am except for tonight! lol) I also found that a few sessions were all about selling something and those people should be on the sales floor not in the classroom.

And Pizza Tony the 425 mile drive from Banff to Grande Prairie is one of the most beautiful highways in the world…You will hardly notice the 8 or 9 hours it takes you…Be sure you do not miss Moraine Lake…Or the Columbia Ice Fields…


I was at the show last week. New to the Pizza world and found it very helpful…Was only there for a day and missed so much of what I wanted to see and learn…but the time spent was great…very happy to have found some of the products I will use…