A sales tax question for those in the US


As you know I’m not in the US. I’ve just made a purchase online for something in the US (Florida) and during the process made a mistake. Having spoken with the vendor we agreed that I’d re order then they’d cancel the original order and refund it.

They’ve done the refund for the item but not the sales tax.

Is this normal. Over here in the UK if we refund we also have to refund the sales tax. Just wanted to know if this was legit or whether they were scamming me!

Any comments much appreciated.


Sales tax should be refunded as well.

thanks Paul

No question about it, the tax should be refunded.

Additionally, if the purchase was being shipped out of the state no tax should have been collected in the first place!

Apparently I have had a full refund, including sales tax, however the email confirmation doesn’t show the tax for some reason. You’d expect better from a big company like sea world!

Only 50 sleeps till we arrive! Still haven’t told kids. Will be a fantastic surprise for them. Will hopefully be able to get them to the airport gate or even onto the plane before they know they’re going to florida (they’re being told they’re going to Spain). That should make foran interesting 10 hour flight!