A Special Video

Our high school has a tv/media class and 2 special needs students came in to interview us for their class project. It is uncut and shows the beauty of transparency that my students possess in spades. I learn from them everyday about love, trust, honesty, and to let the soul be happy. I hope you enjoy it and we will be continuing this work with our own pizzeria in Reno, NV, within the next few months. Walter
Smiling with Hope Pizza- Pizza With a Social Cause


Great clip…

Thanks Royster! When it rains it pours. The NYC online site did an article on us yesterday and we are about to sign a lease on a 98% pizza ready space in Reno, NV. Walter

Walter, phenomenal article in grubstreet! Best wishes in Reno.

Thanks bigmoose! It has really helped our gofundme fundraiser. It has amazed my wife and I how much the small artisan pizza making world has gotten behind us on this project to help add meaning and hope to the lives of people with disabilities. Walter

that’s awesome Walter! keep on keeping on! You are changing lives.