A to Z, Soup to Nuts, The Whole Enchilada, When all is said and done.

No surprise that I am a fan of Microworks and Prism. I have written before about it so I will not cover old ground.

What is new is selling my business and the way they managed the transition to the new owner. As I expected it was seamless.

We closed at the end of the day Tuesday, ran the CC batch etc and left the machines on. In the morning before we opened, without anyone needing to be there, Microworks Tech Support went in and made the changes so that on Wednesday the new owner was ringing up sales and charging to his credit card processor and depositing to his account etc etc. No issues.

Tech support also scheduled times with him for training. Sales (Michael Anthony, who I dealt with for the entire 19 years I worked with them) covered getting the new account set up for tech support, online ordering etc and answered questions about other products and services.

This last round of customer service to make my hand-off to the new owner smooth and easy was right there with all my other experiences with this company over the last two decades; Our single best vendor of any kind.

Thank you Microworks Team.

Adios! Ciao! Hasta Manana!

I agree. They have been the most proficient part of this process when it comes to vendors. They treat you like a customer, reply promptly, and answer the phone. Michael A has been top notch. They also did not ask for direct access to my bank account and to sign away my children for a chance to do business with them like some other vendors. Oops, got off topic. Microworks/Prism has been great so far.