? about Lincoln 1000 oven

Hi Can anyone tell me about the Lincoln 1000 oven, Like is it a good oven, it is a double stack, How many 16" pizzas can it cook in a hour at 5 minute bake time, is it easy to clean stuff like that?

Thanks for any input
Tony Maronni

I had a Lincoln 1000 and it is a decent oven. The ovens can be single stacked or double stacked. As far as cooking 16" pizzas, of course cooking times can vary, at a 7 minute cook you should get approximately 30 pizzas per hour per oven.

I would really check out the age of the oven. The 1000 models are an older oven.

Cleaning the ovens was a real pain, but we cook with screens which seems to make the ovens get dirty fast.

Hi Pizza duo:

If the ovens in question are Lincoln 1000 models they are very old. If they have double doors on the front they are the very early 1000’s

The technology used in those ovens has been vastly over run by the newer models. Old burners are about
80% efficient new models are 98% efficient. Older models endure many degrees variation in temperature between the completion of one heating cycle and the start of the next. Newer ovens have Modulating gas valves that smooth out the hills and valleys of operating temperature Variations are usually no more than a couple of degrees.

Fans and air distribution have been improved enormously on the new models and product quality and baking performance is vastly better.

The gist of the situation is that a buyer eventually pays as much or more for old ovens over a period of time as for new due to higher operating and maintenance costs and does not enjoy the superior performance and product provided by the latest models.

See following comments by the dough doctor in a recent post: (these “new generation” air impingement ovens are just so efficient when it comes to heat transfer that they really do allow you to bake faster, and better than ever before.) Tom the dough doctor

George Mills