About Royster13


 I have been going through some really huge troubles with getting my new business open, the largest one being my contractor running off with a large sum of money.  I have had one experience that has really impressed me and renewed my faith in people though, and that happened with Royster13!  I had gotten a quote from him on his temporary tattoo's and was quite happy with it, I have been very busy trying to get my project back on track so unfortunately it took me a while to get back to him and confirm my order.  Well, in the meantime he actually wound up in Tucson (where I live) for a convention and he ran into someone that does the tattoo's right here, and for a price that he could not beat.  He actually gave me the contact information on this guy to save me some money!  You are a class act Royster, and I just wanted to publicly say thank you to Royster13, and that he has earned a customer/advocate for life!

Take care,
David McGuire

That’s funny… I just sent him a PM to get more information on the temporary tattoos. Literally, I clicked submit and then this was at the top of the new posts.

Royce has done right by me as well. I had an order the got side tracked for a period of time and to make up for it he supplied me with some free alternate product. That simple act has won my loyalty to him as well as made me want to refer anyone needing that type of service to him. My daughter works in the same type of industry as Royce but cannot touch some of his prices.