about the 100,000 per month store

We really haven’t done much for the growth. The first month we moved we did around 70,000, with no advertisement. I started with about 9 employees and now have around 30. We did do a commercial, signed a one year contract for 22 thousand. It has brought in new people that had never heard of us.
I know everyone says this but I do think we have awesome pizza. I bought the recipe off a guy that had a family owned business where I went to college. I loved his pizza and so did everyone I knew. I have changed it a little and added different types of crust to be more marketable.
One thing that sets us apart is I have a 10 thousand dollar tv system that allows us to program any 12 channels off of direct tv onto the tv’s. Every booth has its own 15" lcd tv. Parents love this because we have 2 kids channels programmed in and it keeps the kids busy and quiet. the rest are local and sports and news channels. I can increase the number of channels to up to 36 if I want, i just have to buy a receiver for each channel i want to add. We also have the NFL sunday ticket, this was our first sunday and I think probably our best. Wasn’t sure if people would come in and eat and stick around for 3 hours and I wouldn’t be able to turn my tables so actually I would lose money but it seemed to work out ok. If I see we are losing a lot of customers because we don’t have any seats available and the ones who do stick around for the whole game aren’t bringing in big tickets I may not get the nfl sunday ticket next year.
Time will tell but so far better than i ever expected but also more work than I ever imagined. We probably make around 300 lbs of dough a day

What city are you in? I’d love to see pics of the tv setup. I assume the $10k didn’t include the tvs, right?

this didn’t include the tvs. I am hoping to have my web site up and running soon, it will be www.firehousepizza911.com Will have some pics on it.

sounds kind of like red brick pizza with the TVs.