About to have a record week

We just need an average Sunday tomorrow at our first store to have a record week - this coming off of October being our 3rd best month ever.

This is with significantly less discounts, less food cost, less labor and less advertising than we were running a year ago at this time - all leading to potentially (I’d have to check the figures) the most profitable week in our six year history.

Anybody else on a major upswing? We are actually starting to look at sales forecasts that are above pre-recession levels!

Dang…we’re just the opposite still. We were pumped and ready for the summer “slump” to be over once school got started back up. We have seen better weekends, but over all…we’re still way down from where we need to be to survive.

As a newbie still, it’s got me puzzled. We’re doing all the things we’re supposed to be doing well, so folks say…we just don’t seem to have enough butts in the seats yet.

significantly less discounts

Great Job Piper!

Ours hasn’t broken the records like yours but we have had a great week too…Had to run to rest. depot to get some extra supplies because we were so busy which is nice…instead of going cuz your scre*ed the order up!

Cheers to ya Piper here is to another great week for us all!

Well put down the glasses, I’m off to a s*it start for a Sunday so far!

I guess I’ll still take a couple hundred bucks short of a record. The old one was established in August of 2008 :shock:

Ahhhh 2008 that was a good year those were the days!

It is still early in the day, congrats on a great week. We have been showing signs of improvement in the last couple of weeks, but no records are threatened yet :wink:

We have broken our weekly sales record 6 times in the last three months. Previous record was the week of Thanksgiving 2009.

We started selling wings three months ago so that has been a big help.