Accepting Rebate Coupons From Other Businesses

There was a news item here the other day that made me think “why not”. Here in Canada there is a department store that gives out “Canadian Tire Money” when you purchase with cash or debit cards and can be redeemed for anything in the store.

A liquor store has a sign up that reads “Canadian Tire Money At Par” and they get about $200 per month.

In the customers eyes they are getting free product and the store uses the money for things they would be buying for the store.

Do you think this would work for pizza?


Sounds to me like it would work almost as if bartering, but instead of bartering with the dept store you are bartering with their customers. Only risk I see is that if they discontinue the program, you’re stuck holding worthless paper. Thats assuming you have a use for what they are selling. Possibly some tax issues as well, but I’ll be the first to admit I know nothing about Canadien tax law.

I have always been happy to take Canadian Tire money although it is a little different for my type of business…I also know the local “Home Hardware” runs a promotion every so often where they take Canadian Tire money…RCS…

I 100% am going to take all my competitors coupons at par.I’m going to post it on my sign out front.Let them do the advertising for me.