Access to the Forum

Hi Guys I have a couple problems:

I Most always have to re log in to get on the Forum, despite checking the remember me box. Many times when I click to reply I am asked to log in again.

Just now I had to log in three times to gain admission. This happens almost every time I attempt to log in I get an error message then I put in the same information a couple more times and then am logged in.

Some times when reading from the forum and I switch subjects I an requested to log in again.

Just now I Have been trying to post a reply and every time I hit the send button I get a new clean reply form. I have tried several times to send the reply. I have signed off gone through the process of logging in again 2 or 3 times and started over but when I click to sen my reply I bounce back to a new reply form and my message is never posted.

What am I doing wrong?

George Mills

Not 100% sure, but you might need to delete the ‘cookie’ from your browser…

Are you using a Windows or a Mac? What browser are you using?

Back in the day, I had this problem accessing the think tank via AOL on dial up. It would only occur with AOL and if I opened IE after connecting via AOL I was OK. Now I am sporting a high speed DSL connection and the only time I see AOL is to check my email, although when Huffington takes over the news content I may go back for the laughs.



It’s likely the security settings in your browser that delete those records at a pre-determined interval. Depending on your browser and OS we can help you fix it. However, the more Usernames and passwords you store (and the longer you let them be stored) the more vulnerable your accounts are…

Next Door Pizza

Yeah, please keep us updated on this situation… sounds like your browser might need to be reset to the default settings?

Thanks guys:

I use the windows system XP and the AOL browser .

I have followed all the suggestions that I knew how to implement and have had a vast improvement

George Mills

drop the AOL browser, if possible…

Try Firefox…

works in Canada to, ehh?