Accountant Problem

I am in a somewhat small town, and have a local account to do my taxes and payroll. The accountant has a son who is a high school student. Who I guess, helps him do some filing.

I have just been informed that one of my employees, lets call him Joe, is on the same track team as the accountant’s son. Joe told me today that the son has memorialized Joe’s Social Security Number and taunts him during practice by constantly reciting Joes SSN to him out load.

What should I do? What other information is he releasing? He probably knows all my sales info and my personal info.

fire him


You can’t be Mister Softee with these matters. Get on the phone with your accountant and tell him what his son is doing. Don’t take chances and don’t feel bad that you’re ‘telling on him’, it is your life that it could affect quite negatively. So call now. Good luck.

i agree with yoyo and while your at it find another accountant who is professional

And mention things like the Privacy Act and licensing boards and such if he isn’t impressed by the fact his son is doing what he’s doing. Accountant has a fiduciary responsibility to protect all elements of your identity, and that includes his family and employees.

I cannot imagine the accountant not being horrified, but if not, then an attorney consultation is in order since you have no idea WHAT ELSE is now in the world (due to the security leaking son) for public consumption.

I would call the accountant. I am sure that will clear things up.

Is it too late to clear things up. I feel like my employees have been violated.

You must first contact your accountant and remind him/her that, your company information is proprietary, confidential information. The accountant has a legal obligation to protect your company information from illegal disclosure of any kind. Should any personal information be compromised as a result of this breach in fiduciary responsiblity, your employees and you personally, can sue or take legal action against your accountant for malpractice and identity theft. Both claims are punishable with hefty fines and jail time.

I would not treat this matter lightly…in fact, I would inform your accountant that you may take action with the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS can issue other penalties up to and including the revocation of their employer ID and IRS certification as a tax code provisioner or supplier of income tax services. This is a serious matter and should be addressed immediately.

I’d suggest you and Joe come up with something to call the accounts kid. Stupid dummy brain or Fart head stupid pants would work well.

I understand that the accountant is reponsible for his sons actions and it make him look unprofessional, but come on… he’s taunting Joe by repeatedly reciting his SS Number ??? lol

Once you find a new accountant maybe you can teach Joe to s.uck it up and fight his own school yard battles.

I think your missing the point. He didn’t come to me and tell on him. After the accountant dropped of my payroll, Joe told me that he should have said something to the accountant about his son. This has been going on since last school year and this is the first I have heard of it. Joe was looking out for me and everyone else that works for me.

Also TD_VP192,

If it is such a joke to you go ahead and post your s.s. number for everyone here. I bet you wouldn’t do it and you wouldn’t be happy if some else posted it.

Crush, This kid could have been snooping around his dads office or he may have been helping him with the returns. You need to bring this to the fathers attention. He may have no clue what is going on. Explain that you do not feel comfortable with his services anymore and that this information breach is unacceptable and damaging to his career.

You shouldn’t have to worry about information being compromised when you have a million other things going on with your business.

Tell him , either fix the problem or your taking your business elsewhere.

Listen, I get the part about you not liking your info and your employees info being accessible to a kid.

But posting my ss# on the internet is a waaaaaaayyyy different from having some 16 year old yell my ss# to me at track practice.

I guess your reaction to your ‘employees being violated’ was a little to dramatic for me.

I do hope you clear this up and find a new accountant.

ToddVP, I am amazed that any professional person would not see the seriousness of this issue.

As a business owner, this is not an issue you can fool around with. Employer liability in a case like this would be compounded by failure to act. That failure would establish negligence.

You have to call the father and you have to do it today. If the solution is not immediate and comprehensive with assurances for the future, move the business.

A breach has been made & I would move my business elsewhere, but I would inform him as to the reason why. Who knows what else his lackluster practices might reveal - pro-act, don’t react…

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But posting my ss# on the internet is a waaaaaaayyyy different from having some 16 year old yell my ss# to me at track practice.

Not so much different if the 16 YO puts your SSN on the net however.

I don’t know many kids without net access anymore.

The great thing about accountants is with internet access and priority mail you don’t need to have a local accountant.

This is a serious issue and should be dealt with accordingly. I would inform him of the issue. Have him sign a statement of what has occurred and what actions will be taken to correct the issue and have it notarized. The notary needs not to know what the contractual statement is, only proof of identity of those signing it. If you have a personal lawyer I would also make him aware of the situation and what you would like to do. These people cannot discuss your business details outside of you and them.

The biggest issue I see is the duration that it has been happening for without any action.