I am wondering what the advantage would be of using accounting software rather than DIY, I have developed some pretty nice spreadsheets …& could probably keep doing my books myself but always looking for an easier way

Spreadsheets have their use, & I use them, but I’m an advocate for QuickBooks - once u get your accounts set-up - its a breeze to do daily sales entry & kwik & dirty inventories - I know my approx. food cost every day

that, coupled w/your POS you have all the info you need!

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A good accounting software will do the work for you. Accounting for a business on spreadsheets is going to be similar to using the old green ledger paper and balancing accounts manually. Nobody does that anymore, because it’s too time consuming, and accounting software like quickbooks only costs $100-$200. If you use the software correctly, it should save you more than that in labor (even if you’re doing it yourself) each month. And, it will produce reports (inventory, P/L, Bal. sheet, cash flow) on the fly to let you know how you’re doing and where you can improve.

Anytime you use software it’s should make your life easier and more efficient. Sometimes people don’t use the software because they can’t justify the cost is worth it. But, we’re only talking $99 here, it’s definately going to be a worthy investment.

As much as I love Excel (and Lotus 1-2-3 long before it), Quick Books is a must for any business these days…Quick Books will save you so much time…

Quickbooks is worth every penny. I used paper accounting for about one month and than switched to Quickbooks. I saved myself at least four hours a week by switching.

I use quickbooks online which is helpful because I can access it from work or home and even my tax accountant can log in to view as well…highly recommend from someone that used to be an auditor in a past life