ada bathrooms

anyone have a clue on this subject ? are there any exeptions building new shop in old building it will have two restrooms single toilet in each the problem i have is having to put toilets on platform to allow plumbing drain to go out of building did not want to have to cut slab out.hoping we are so backwoods up here it will slide by

Good luck on the “getting it to slide” thing. Doorways, grab bars, toilet height and plumbing protectors are the biggies. I did a search on google, and this was first site:

We got ours installed right for a just a couple hundred more than a normal bathroom.

Really check with the building inspector. We paid a fools tax on this last year when we were doing our build. A 15,000 fools tax.

Our county required us to have plans drawn and they had to be approved by the city. We had to dig up the floors all the way across the NEW kitchen to meet plumbing codes.

Arghhhh bathrooms…makes me want to barf because it was sooooo costly to fix when we could have done it right the first time!


well we dont have any building inspectors up here. we dont have to have any permits up here. we due have health inspector that comes by every six months he said just have to have 1 mens 1 ladies well hope it flys do have one custmer in wheel chair he says no biggie for him but he says hes not the normal big city cripple :smiley: hes a country cripple as he put it

I read a while back about some putz in California who was filing lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit because the buildings weren’t handicapped accessible. I figure it was probably a STATE law, but you might want to check to be sure. The payment was pretty hefty (several thousand) and proved difficult to fight (though in several cases, he was shown to have filed suits against businesses who WERE compliant and they obviously won).