Add 3rd Party Delivery Services

Who uses them, which ones and what do you pay? To compensate for fees, how much have you raised prices on 3rd party menus? I’ve always had my own delivery drivers (19 years). Thinking about adding them to my delivery options. I’m thinking deliveries would go out faster, because don’t they take one order at a time? Thanks for any feedback.

I use Door Dash Drive they charge$7 for a delivery I Charge the customer $5 so it only cost me $2

I have used several. I grew weary of all the tablets and relying on my phone people missing an order because they are already to busy. There are providers that will gather the orders from the 3rd party providers and send them just like a web order.
They often will take up to 30%. That is negotiable.
I have never understood why my customers who use my web ordering switch the 3rd parties and pay more, but they do.
I still use my own drivers though.

Thanks for the feedback.