adding 10" pizza

I am adding a 10" pizza to my menu.

Is there a better way to manage, market, slice this size pizza ?

…pricing, presentation, placement in menu, anything,

thanks in advance,

We use this size as our individual lunch special pizza. Original we cut into 4 pieces thin we cut into 12 little (two and two)

With your mobile wouldn’t you be better doing by the slice?

we call our10" “Big Personals” & cut 'em into 6…we don’t make our specialty pies on them tho…gotta order 14" or greater…

We feature 18" NY thin style & 14" thick…the 10" is in between, thickness wise…

We make any of our signature pies on the 10" crust. We cut it in 6 pieces . . . half, then thirds.

It is a very popular item with yougsters and single people. We also use it as a means to attract the “lower income” types who want pizza, but don’t want to spend on the larger sizes. They can buy a pepperoni pie from us for less than $6 tax incl. and have dinner.

10" is our small pizza we cut it into 8 slices

10" is our small cut into six slices.

They can order anyting they want on it. I’m not sure why anyone would want to limit what customers can put on it unless you are actually cooking something separately and need the higher ticket to make it worth it.

We have debated have four sizes (s - xl) but I think it works out for singles and the like. It works out well for those that want to have a variety of items deliverered like with pasta, sandwiches and salads.

I did slices last winter in Quartzsite, AZ and I want to get away from slices, too much waste and slices getting old and cold…thus the 10"

6 slices sounds good, I just had a sausage, peppers, and onions at “Wheat state Pizza” in Lawrence, KS and I like the presentation, $6 price point, presentation and quanity was good…
I appreciate the feedback thus far.
I plan to offer a 10", 14", and 20" pizza, each one being twice as large respectively…I plan to offer, on request and extra time consideration, a 28" pizza, which is twice as large as the 20"
cheese pizza at $6, $9.95, $18.95 and the 28" for around $35.95.
The “twice as big” concept makes it manageable for me and I hope for the customer also…easier to see the better value on the next size up.


Unfortunately, just to remind you…the general public does NOT “get” the concept that a 14" is about twice as much food as a 10". They will mentally compare prices based on the erroneous and somewhat unconscious math that a 14" is just 4" bigger…

Pricing still may work fine - I’m just pointing out that issue I always bump into (when trying to emphasize that my 16" really is a worth a bit more than someone elses 14" for instance)

I know what you mean, it does not seem to be a better value for a larger pizza that is less expensive per sq. in.
I have found that if you can keep it simple, in the increments of twice as much, that when they order it, it makes sense from the experience, but not intellectually…time will tell,

We do 10" in six slices - mainly single person purchases but some couples do share one this size, especially older people.

One thing with this size is that we do not do half and half. For the price and size it is too much mucking around. You can do two 16" for the same time as making a 10" half/half and get 4 times the return for the sale.

that is a good point, thank you,

It always bugs me - but see, if you ask most people what size pizza would be “double” a 10", they’ll think it needs to be a 20" (which is of course 4x as much).

I’d do 6 slices on a 10.


I have 10SM, 14MED, & 18LG

I think your jump from 14 to 20 might be a bit much (I understand your strategy…heck I cut all my pizzas in 8 slices so people might get it, but they still don’t)…I like to recommend 1-2 people for SM, 2-3 for MED, and 3-4 for LG

LG outsells SM & MED 3-1 for me so I would think about 16 or 18

16 is better to compare to most competitiors

18 is good for slices, 20 is even better