adding a dining room, looking for advice

Currently have a mobile pizzeria with an adjacent 10’ x 20’ open tent with tables and chairs and chairs during the winter season in Quartzsite, AZ.

Next winter, I am considering adding indoor, airconditioned, wait staffed dinning. At this time, I plan to put it in an 8.5’ x 32’ trailer, fixed up to look like something, what, I am not sure of.
Besides pizza, should I add salads, desserts ?

Is there a place I can go to get an idea of how many tables, seats, doors, etc. will work in that space ? Booths, counters, size tables, flexibility, etc.
BYOB OK ?, I do not plan nor think I can get a beer/wine permit.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Photos of the current trailer are below,

As for BYOB, it will depend on local and state laws. GA State laws are online, and I find it is fine. I called the state alcohol agency who confirmed my research. Find out who the local agent is for the Acohol guys in your state. they can tell you the state’s enforcement guidlines. City Clerk office might could help you with the local ordinances.

There was an article in PMQ or Restaurant Startup and Growth about spacing and planning the layout of the dining rooms. I am sorry I cannot put my hands on it right now. I hope someone out there has specific detail where you can look to find those measurements.

thank you Nick,Re: adding a dining room, looking for advice

thank you Nick,
I will be back in GA this spring and look forward to getting to see you.
I will be around Macon, not too far from Grantville.
I enjoy reading your post, sounds like you have a good pizzeria,


I used to have a chart to figure out seating and if I remember correctly if you do banquet seating on rectengular tables it is 10sf per person round tables are 12sf per person those are the rough guidlines I remember. A good idea is to talk with your restaurant equipment supplier most of them have design programs that can help you figure it out.