Adding a third size pizza

We currently sell a 12 inch and 18 inch pizza. I am getting ready to add a 14 inch and am wondering if anyone would share the breakdown of the numbers per size (or just x% for each size) for your restaurant. I am going to be doing some guesswork and any actual numbers would be helpfull.

Our sizes are 15", 14", 10", and we make a “half of a 10” which is our personal pizza. You really have to have at least three sizes - one for loners, one for couples, and one for families.

We offer a 12", 16", 18" and 24". Approximate breakdown of percentages are:
12"- 15%
16"- 62%
18"- 20%
24"- 3%

Smeagol…I have to ask… why 14" and 15"? Seems like too much overlap and the customer will expect the two priced really close to each other. Maybe a 10", 14", and 16"??? There must be a reason… :?:

Oh, those crazy college kids!

Wait… can you even fit that into your Smartcar for delivery? :shock:

Yes, curious sizes. And what’s “half of a 10”? You cut the dough ball in half and make a 6" or 8"?

We used to have 14" and 16", but a previous owner shrunk the 16" to a 15" - and the customers got used to it. If I went back to the 16" (after 27 years of the 15"), I’d have to bump the price up about 5 bucks and everyone would just think I raised the price. And “half of a 10” - we use a sheeter, and cut the various sizes out ahead of time. Rather than cut a very small number of 6" pies, we literally cut a 10" in half when one is ordered - it’s about the same size. (We market them as half smalls, not 6" pies) Deck ovens, BTW.