Adding Beer

We are in the process of developing a quick service concept and would like to add beer. How should we go about adding that? Should we just pour it from behind the counter and hand it to them when they place their order or have someone to actually take it out to the table for them?

I would plan on using table service for beer. Improves tips for your staff and you can come back and “check on them” as they finish and probably get a lot more beer sales than you would if they had to come back up to the counter.

We stick to counter service unless we are really busy, and then we tell them that we will bring it right out to them so they are not just standing there having to wait. I still really like the idea of them walking back up to get more though, that way we can see how they are doing with the simple task of walking! LOL! I think when your staff is used to counter service for most transactions that is what they will be good at, and table service will be problematic at best on the few occasions that you must do it.